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How To Refill Epson 288 Ink Cartridges?


Do you own the Epson 288 printing device that requires refilling the shell? If so, this article will provide you with all the information on how to replenish Epson 288 cartridges.

Before you begin the steps, you must find an empty cartridge that you can refill since it comes with an auto-reset chip that can reset itself. Additionally, they come with integrated filling holes, making them easier to fill than other cartridges.

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Follow These Simple Steps To Replenish Epson 288 Ink Cartridges

Step 1: Seal the hole in the bottom of the tank with tape. Cover the holes of the cartridge by putting the video over the holes.

Step 2. Cut an indentation on the buttons.

Step 3. Pull the syringe, fill it up and then place it into the hole.

Step 4: Place an electric green gun to heat the needle and syringe. This keeps the shell away from air.

Step 5: Push the syringe upwards, and the air inside the cartridge will begin to create bubbles.

Step 6: Allow the syringe empty and allow ink to go into the cartridge. Repeat the same procedure in a repeating fashion until the cartridge is filled. Then, use an electric blue torch and seal the hole.

Step 7: Follow these steps to add each color. Put the tape over the shell and attach the cover to every hole.

8. Set up your printer, and run clean cycles until the shell begins printing.

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Another option to refill the cartridge is Epson 288 Ink Cartridges.

When you are in the refilling process, it is necessary to use an ink resetter that resets the chip. Create a hole on one of the sides of the button. Fill the gap with ink using the sponge using the needle of a syringe. The needle should be inserted into the hole. Make sure that the hand is at the edge of the shell.

Then slowly pour the cartridge with ink. Be sure not to allow the ink to run out. Stop when you reach a sufficient amount. Repeat the steps until you have filled all the shades. Begin the cleaning cycle with one or two clean processes to begin printing correctly.

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