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Swiss Newspapers Online: Switzerland News


A list of Swiss newspapers includes sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Switzerland is one of the highly developed countries located in Central Europe. The landlocked country is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

About Swiss Newspapers

Switzerland has a diverse media landscape, with a wide variety of newspapers for different linguistic and cultural groups. The country is home to four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romance. This linguistic diversity is reflected in the newspapers available to Swiss readers.

One of the most popular newspapers in Switzerland is the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), based in Zurich and published in German. The newspaper was established in 1780 and is known for its high quality journalism and in-depth reporting on Swiss and international affairs. The newspaper covers a wide range of topics including politics, economics, culture and science.

Another popular German-language newspaper in Switzerland is Tags-Anziger, which is based in Zurich and covers local and national news. Tages-Anzeiger was founded in 1893 and has a reputation for investigative journalism and comprehensive coverage of Swiss affairs.

In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Le Temps is a widely read newspaper. Established in 1998, it covers national and international news with a special focus on business and finance. The newspaper has a reputation for in-depth reporting and analysis, and is considered one of the leading newspapers in French-speaking Switzerland.

In the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, the Corriere del Ticino is a popular newspaper. It covers local and national news with a focus on Switzerland’s southern canton Ticino. The newspaper was established in 1872 and has a reputation for its reporting on politics, culture and sport.

In addition to these major newspapers, Switzerland has a number of regional and local newspapers for specific audiences. For example, the Basler Zeitung is a daily newspaper based in Basel that covers local and national news, while the Berner Zeitung covers news and events in the canton of Bern.

Overall, the Swiss newspaper landscape is diverse and reflects the country’s linguistic and cultural diversity. With a focus on quality journalism and in-depth reporting, Swiss newspapers play an important role in shaping public opinion and keeping citizens informed about local and global events.

top swiss newspapers

Here are the top Swiss newspapers in German and English languages ​​below.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)

Neue Zurcher Zeitung is one of the most widely read Swiss newspapers and is considered the newspaper of record in Switzerland.

Tages-Anzeiger (TAGI or TA)

Tages-Anzeiger offers news on health, education, business, culture and lifestyle in English for Swiss people.

Berner Zeitung (BZ)

Berner Zeitung is one of the largest daily Swiss newspapers distributed in the German language in Bern and was established in 1979.

biller tagblatt

The Baylor Tagblatt is a major daily newspaper among Swiss newspapers in Bern with a sister paper called the Journal du Jura.

der bund

Der Bund is a popular newspaper with several sister newspapers, the Newsnetz paper, including Berner Zeitung, Tags-Anziger and Bäsler Zeitung.

Die Südostschwitz (Southeastern Switzerland)

Die Sudostschweiz is a German-language Swiss daily newspaper with several regional and local sister dailies among newspapers in Switzerland.


TagesWoche is another German-language daily newspaper that is broadcast weekly and is also available online to readers around the world.

Tessiner Zeitung

Tessiner Zeitung is a widely circulated regional newspaper in Swiss German language distributed weekly in Locarno and started in 1908.

zoofinger tagblat

Zoffinger Tagblatt is a common local newspaper that delivers Swiss news today, European news, Switzerland news now, national news and world news.

New Frickteller Zeitung

Neue Fricktaler Zeitung provides relevant information, political articles, hot topics and discussions in the Swiss German language.

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swiss news online

Switzerland has a number of local and regional newspapers serving the entire country.

  • der branger – Der Brienzer is a news media that broadcasts county news, city news, cultural news and events.
  • zurcher unterlander Zürcher Unterlander is a popular local newspaper also available online for global readers.
  • Zurich Zeitung Zürichsee Zeitung is a German-language local newspaper based in Staffa.
  • schweizer bauer – Schweizer Bauer is another regional newspaper that provides community news.
  • winterthurter zeitung – Winterthurer Zeitung serves people with Croatian breaking news, Croatian latest news and current affairs.
  • willer nachrichten – Willer Nachrichten deals with current news and affairs of Europe.
  • Tagblatt der Stadt Zurich Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich is a Zürich-based newspaper among Swiss newspapers.
  • Simmental Zeitung – Simmental Zeitung publishes Zürich news, Basel news and Swiss online news.
  • schaffhauser AZ – Schaffhauser AZexpresses Swiss news today, European news, Switzerland news now and country news.
  • St. Galler Nachrichten – St. Galler Nachrichten delivers the latest news and breaking news from Switzerland.
  • Jungfrau Zeitung – Jungfrau Zeitung is a general newspaper that circulates in Switzerland.
  • frutiglander – Frutiglander covers Basel news, Bern news, Swiss news online and Europe updates.
  • burnerbearer Bernerberger is a community newspaper among European newspapers based in Basel.
  • Beobachter – Beobactor is a national news agency that publishes online news from Switzerland.
  • Finance & Wirtschaft Finanz und Wirtschaft is a finance-oriented newspaper among newspapers in Switzerland.
  • – reveals blogs, daily news, articles, hot topics and discussions.
  • botte der urschweise – Botte der Urschweise delivers education, business, culture, lifestyle and technology news.
  • Radio Rotu Obervallis – Radio Rotu Obervallis broadcasts daily country news, entertainment news and events.
  • der rentler – Der Rheintaler publishes news on culture, real estate, media and politics.
  • woz die wochenzeitung – WOZ Die Wochenzeitung is a top newspaper in Swiss newspapers
  • Freiburger Nachrichten Freiburger Nachrichten is a well-known news website that features current news and issues.
  • Coop Zeitung – Coopzeitung is an online newspaper covering city news, county news, community news and events.
  • Schweizerzeit – Schweizerzeit conveys social news, economic news, youth news and current affairs.
  • time questions – Zeit Fragen reveals Swiss news today, European news, Switzerland news now and national news.
  • Appenzeller Zeitung – Appenzeller Zeitung mainly focused on social news and political news.
  • Wochen Zeitung – Wochen Zeitung is a Swiss news site providing daily local news and events.
  • Bauern Zeitung – Bauern Zeitung includes Swiss news, European news and Switzerland news online today.
  • Entlebucher Engiger – Entlebucher Anzeiger gives the world 24/7 coverage with trending news.
  • Unter Emmentaler Unter Emmentaler is a German-language regional newspaper distributed daily in Zurich.
  • New Oltner Zeitung – Neue Oltner Zeitung promotes Swiss daily news and events in the country.
  • Neue Obergauer Zeitung Neue Obergauer Zeitung is a national newspaper among Swiss newspapers.
  • anger der stadt kloten – Anzeiger der Stadt Kloten broadcasts European news, international news, political news and much more.
  • 24 hour – 24 Heures is the oldest Swiss-French language newspaper, with its sister paper Tribune de Genève.
  • le matin Le Matin is a tabloid-format daily newspaper, as well as its sister daily Le Matin Bleue.
  • tribune de geneve Tribune de Genève is a Berliner formatted daily newspaper with its sister paper 24 Heures.
  • le courier – Le Courrier is a major news source for the Swiss people among the newspapers in Switzerland.
  • Le Novelist Le Noveliste is a French-language newspaper published in the Valais canton.
  • Journal du Jura – Journal du Jura is a leading news source providing the latest and breaking news from Switzerland.
  • la liberte – La Liberte is a news portal providing national news, local news and Swiss online news.
  • – reveals Swiss news today, European news, Switzerland news now, country news and world news.
  • Le Quotidien Jurassic Le Quotidien Jurasien is a Swiss French-language newspaper serving the Jura canton.
  • Lausanne Sites – Lausanne Sites is a daily in Switzerland newspaper in German language.
  • terre and nature Terre and Nature is a home based newspaper serving local and nature updates.
  • agafi – Egify reports on community news, city news, events and updates for Swiss people.
  • la côte La Côte is a German-language community paper among newspapers in Switzerland.
  • LaRegione Ticino LaRegione Ticino is an Italian-language daily newspaper based in Bellinzona.
  • local – Local features Swiss news today, European news, Switzerland news now and international news.
  • le news Le News is a tabloid-format Swiss newspaper published twice a week for free.
  • – is an online newspaper that delivers country news, Swiss online news and tourism news.
  • la quotidiana – La Quotidiana is the only romance daily newspaper established in 1997.
  • is a Swiss daily newspaper that reports mainly on business news.

Furthermore, Swiss newspapers help us to see the daily updates and happenings in Switzerland.

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questions to ask

Q: What are some popular Swiss newspapers?

A: Some popular Swiss newspapers include Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Tags-Anziger, Blick, Le Temps and 20 Minuten.

Q: Are Swiss newspapers published in several languages?

A: Yes, many Swiss newspapers are published in several languages. For example, Neue Zürcher Zeitung is published in German, Tags-Anziger is published in German and French, and Le Temps is published in French.

Q: How often are Swiss newspapers published?

A: Most Swiss newspapers are published daily, but some are published less frequently.

Q: Can I read Swiss newspapers online?

A: Yes, most Swiss newspapers have online editions that can be accessed through their websites or mobile apps.

Q: Are Swiss newspapers politically biased?

A: Like newspapers in most countries, Swiss newspapers may have some political bias. However, most newspapers try to be unbiased and present news in a balanced manner.

Q: Are Swiss newspapers free or do I have to pay to read them?

A: Most Swiss newspapers require a subscription or payment to access their content in print or online. However, some newspapers may offer a limited amount of free content.

Q: Can I have Swiss newspapers delivered outside Switzerland?

A: Yes, some Swiss newspapers offer international distribution or digital subscription that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: What type of content do Swiss newspapers cover?

A: Swiss newspapers cover a wide range of topics including local and international news, politics, business, sport, culture and entertainment.

Q: Are there any English language newspapers in Switzerland?

A: Yes, there are several English language newspapers in Switzerland, including and Local Switzerland.