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How to Remove Jammed Paper From Canon Printer?


Irrespective of the brand, a printer tends to give Paper-Jam issues at one point or the other. Even a premium brand like Canon has not been able to keep itself safe from the paper-jamming issue in the printers manufactured by them. It is not a significant concern as the Canon Printer Paper Jam problem can be easily resolved by you.

How to remove jammed paper from Canon Printer?

The paper-jamming issue only hampers the smooth printing process, which can occur because of paper getting stuck in the different parts of the printer. To fix Canon Printer Paper Error, one needs to check the whole printer, which means every part of it.

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Canon Printer in Error State

To do that, follow easy steps for fixing your Canon Printer Paper Jam:

  1. Immediately STOP printing as soon as you find out the paper has been stuck in the printer. Switch-Off the printer and remove the electrical cord of the printer.
  2. It’s time to Remove the stuck paper in Canon Printer. Open the output tray of the printer and lift the cover. Hold it firmly and pull if you find any paper stuck there.
  3. Make sure there is no tear paper left anywhere under the cartridge.
  4. Once verified that all jammed papers have been removed, lower the cover of the printer.
  5. Reconnect the printer and check if the Canon Printer Paper Jam is fixed.

Other ways to fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Problem:

  • If you’re failing to remove the stuck papers from your Canon printer, your machine can automatically remove them. You need to reload the papers and press the STOP/RESET Button on the printer.
  • To avoid Paper Jamming Issues, it is recommended to use the right size for printing and a good-quality printer. These specifications are specified in the printer manual; you can check in yours.
  • Check if the cartridge holder is not hanging right over the papers. Remove if any paper is stuck there. And assure that the cartridge is at its suited position.
  • Cancel all the commands that you’ve given your printer. Canon Printer Jam Error may be caused due to multiple Printing commands given by the user at a time.
  • No Foreign Object should be present around the paper output tray. If there is any, remove that and make sure you dust off your printer from inside and outside with a brush often.

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Canon Printer Offline

What do I do when my Canon printer says paper jam, but there is none?

Your printer keeps repeating the same Paper Jam Error when you’ve made sure that no paper is stuck inside it; the guides could cause the problem on the paper tray. Yes, you read it right, the Guides on the Paper Tray.

You need to check the paper tray where you put the blank paper for printing. If the documents are not placed according to the guides provided, it is likely to give you the problem of Paper-Jam Error, even though there are no-stuck papers. It would help if you rechecked that.

90% of the users face this Canon Paper Jam Issue which can easily be solved by restacking the papers in the input tray and placing them according to the guidelines.

Even after all these efforts and tries, if your Canon Printer Jam Issue is not resolved, it’s time to take your doctor to the machine specialist. The professional will examine your printer in and out; and will be able to detect the fault. By fixing the issue, your Canon Printer will be fixed.