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Fix Brother printer won’t turn on issues | Quick Issue Resolve


You are getting ready to start your day at work, and all you notice is that your printer from your brother isn’t turning on. It’s not much more frustrating than this, especially if you don’t know the reason for the problem.

But, it’s not as complicated as it sounds and is easily fixed. This article will discuss why this issue occurs on your Brother MFC-j4510dw or the printer brother dcp-2550. Alongside this, we’ll also try to find out about options to fix this issue as fast as possible.

Why is my brother’s printer unable to switch on?

The most obvious reasons for why you’re experiencing this issue on your Brother Printer can be found below:

  1. Power cords that have been infected
  2. Incorrect connections
  3. The cord is not working
  4. Power source issue
  5. Problems with the driver of the printer

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What happens if your printer isn’t turning on after an outage in power?

If your Brother Printer cannot begin to turn on following an outage in power, you need to restore power to the printer. To do this:

  1. Unplug your power cable for one moment and then press the ‘Power button.
  2. Connect the power cord back into it while pressing your power switch.
  3. Don’t let the button go until you see that the machine is on.

Troubleshooting the Brother printer, but it will not turn on.

Follow the steps below to learn what you can do to fix your Brother printer back to work.

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Method 1- Disconnect and Reconnect the Power Cord

This is among the most obvious things that one should do if his printer or another device fails to start. The first step is to take the power cord off the printer before plugging it back in. Before hitting it in the printer, it is recommended to idle for a few minutes.

Method 2: Check your power supply for problems

If your printer from Brother doesn’t start after completing the first procedure, you need to examine the power cord for any issues. If it’s damaged or isn’t in a good state, you should replace it with a new model. Also, make sure to look at the Power button of your printer to see whether there’s an issue within it.

Method 3: Clean the printer

There may be a short circuit in the printer, causing it’s unable to turn on, or the cartridge leaks. If this is the case, cleaning will assist in this case. The main thing to remember is that the cartridge area of the printer needs to be cleaned.

Method 4: Examine the printer head to ensure there aren’t problems.

When you remove the print head from your Brother Printer, take a close look at it. Sometimes, the dry cartridge will not allow you to use any functions in the printer.

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Method 5: Disconnect from the USB and try it again

If none of the solutions listed above has helped you remove the issue, you need to take off your USB cable at the bottom of your printer. Then, try turning the printer back on.

If nothing works If nothing is working, you should get in touch with Brother Printer Support for immediate assistance with any issue with your Brother Printer.

FAQs –

What can you do to repair a printer that will not switch off?

If your printer doesn’t turn off the way it usually does, you should try pressing the power button couple of minutes, and it will eventually turn off. If it is still not turned off, you should stop providing the power source by disconnecting it from its electrical outlet.

How do I turn off the printer of my Brother printer?

  • The first step is to shut off your printer with the help of the power button.
  • After that, remove the power cord from the machine for about 30 seconds.
  • After that, plug the power cord in again.
  • Switch on the printer time by pressing the power/resume or power button.
  • Press the button, and the printer will startup.

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