Brother Printer is very useful if you want them to connect your Brother Printer to a computer over a wireless network.  Also, in some cases, you are unsure of the procedure for how to connect Brother Printer to a computer with Windows 10 or how to connect Brother Printer to a Windows 7 computer.

Also, to help you discuss a few ways to connect Brother Printer to a computer via wireless. Although it is easy to install Brother Printer on a computer sometimes it creates a problem and refuses to connect even if you try hard. There may be any problem such as – USB disconnection, Wi-Fi connection, printer driver problem, Paper jamming, and other software installation issues.

Before proceeding, we want you to take some precautionary measures so that your Brother Printer can work properly.

  • The first point is to make sure your computer and printer are close to each other.
  • Secondly, you should check that the USB is working properly and does not have loose connections.
  • The third step is to test your Wi-Fi and write down the SSID name and password.
  • See disc / CD-Rom for Brother Software Installation.
  • Also, install the latest printer driver on your computer.

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How to Connect Brother Printer to Computer

Now, all you have to do is follow the steps listed below on how to connect Brother Printer to a Computer with a CD.

  • Your first step is to insert the Brother Printer CD / DVD into the disk drive.
  • Now, turn on my computer or this PC option on your computer.
  • To use a DVD you have to double-click on a DVD drive with a CD icon.
  • Now, select the model number for your printer.
  • You can now select your preferred language.
  • Now, click install MFL-Pro suite.
  • You must press Yes to enable user account controls.
  • Also, if you see an option for a new version of the available software then select no and click to continue.

(Note: If you are connected to the Internet then select Yes).

  • Once set up, you can select Yes to agree to terms and conditions.
  • Select the standard option and click yes.
  • All you have to do is restart your computer to allow drivers to fully install and use it with your computer.
  • After restarting your computer you should try to print a test document.

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How to Connect Brother Printer To Computer

Connect Brother Printer to Wireless Computer (Laptop) –

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Also, visit the official Web site. Once you have reached them you should search your printer model and download the printer driver from them into your computer.
  • When the download is complete you should open the installation package.
  • The next step is to select your language.
  • Now click to open the following button and agree to the license agreement.
  • You must select a wireless network connection and click Next. Wait a moment for the scanning process to complete.
  • Click the yes button and enter the SSID and Wi-Fi password and click the next button. In most cases, the software will be able to detect the machine. If your device is found you must select your model number and press next.

If possible, you could not find a printer to display the message on your screen.

  • You must click next to fail to connect the screen.
  • When you see the recommended USB cable option then select no and click on the following.
  • When you are prompted for a USB cable, select No and click Next.
  • Now get the SSID and network keys. You will find them basically behind your router. Enter the SSID and network key.
  • You must follow this section to allow your machine to connect to the computer.
  • Now, click the next button.
  • Click on the checkbox and then click the next button.
  • You will see your machine appear on the screen and you must select and click next.
  • Select the recommended one and click the next button.
  • You must enter each item displayed on the screen.
  • You must click the end button when the process is complete.
  • We hope this article has helped you to successfully set up your Brother Printer.

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