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How to Resolve Epson WF 3620 Error Code 0x97?


When using Epson’s WF3640 and 3620 Printer, you could encounter the error code the number 0x97. The other models of Epson printers could show this specific error. Despite these printers’ impressive features, they can be affected by the Epson error code (0x97), which could cause confusion and signal internal hardware problems. The motherboard’s malfunction and internal components can cause this error code. In this issue, you could not print or accomplish your important tasks.

Additionally, it could activate the indicator, causing your device to shut off and then on. Using simple solutions and simple steps will get rid of this issue. Before moving into the fix, we must first collect additional information regarding the error code that appears for the Epson printer.

Epson WF-3620 Printer Error Code 0x97

Epson WF-3620 error code: 0x97 typically occurs due to the continuous use over a long period. There is no indication or warning message before the error happens. 

It may limit your ability to access your printer till the issue is fixed.

Epson error 0x97 is an alert reporting issue related to an Epson printer. The error can be seen on its LED display. As the print goes on, it will display an error message, and the printer stops working. This problem is most often encountered by the Epson WF-4630, WF-3640, and WF-7610 models of printers.

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The Cause Behind Epson Error Code The Reason Behind Epson Error Code 0x97

Because of a hardware problem, the Epson Error Code of 0x97 results from an internal hardware issue. A few specific Epson model printers can be attributed to the specific hardware requirement in which the motherboard ceases to function abruptly.

You may encounter issues while using your Epson printer when the issue with the hardware is discovered. There are several ways to resolve this issue, but the most lasting solution is fixing the issue with your Epson printer or replacing it.

How to fix Epson’s error message (0x97)

Make sure to restart the power.

If you encounter an error when using your printer, you must do a power reset. If the error appears because of a runtime issue, restarting the printer can help resolve the problem. Follow these instructions to complete the Epson printer power reset:

  1. Make sure that the printer is powered on
  2. Take the USB cable from the printer.
  3. Unplug the power cord to the printer.
  4. Take a moment to wait
  5. Make sure you connect the power cable
  6. The Epson printer will be automatically started.
  7. Connect to the USB cable to the USB

Send a print command to your computer and verify whether you can determine if the Epson printer error code of 0x97 is fixed or not.

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Download Epson 0x97 Fix Patch

Downloading the Epson patch for 0x97 fixes can resolve the error right away. The patch is available on the main website for Epson. After downloading the patch, you can use its capabilities to scan your device. When the scanning process has reached the end, you can click the Repair button to begin. It is also possible to follow the three steps in this article to carry out this repair.

1. Go to the official site or Epson to install “0x97 Fix Patch”.

2. Press “Scan” and press the “Scan” button.

3. After that, press the “Repair” button to repair the printer.

Clean Head of Printer

  • There are times when the cause of this Epson Workforce WF 3620 Printer Error Code 0x97 could be a clogged printhead. This means that you have to get it cleaned if this is the situation.
  • Turn off your printer and then go to your ink cartridge’s apartment.
  • Then, release and take off the cartridges for ink.
  • Cleanse the cartridges with the damp cloth, and then leave the cloth in the middle track for about an hour.
  • The cloth absorbs the ink that has dried and then takes off the cloth and allows the printhead to dry.
  • Install the cartridges once more and print a page for verification.

Make sure to clean your Epson printer with Wet Tissue.

Cleaning your printer to resolve problems with the Epson error code 0x97 could seem odd. We’ll tell you that cleaning the printer with the help of moist tissue paper will help you pinpoint the issue. 

In addition, the waste ink that is lying close to the head sprayer, along with paper pieces that could get stuck within the roller, can cause more issues.

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Here are some ways to quickly fix this Epson WF 3620 error code (0x97) for your Epson printer. Anyone new to the realm of technology and has issues with resolving minor problems with their printer will be able to find solutions for them. Epson error code 97 isn’t something people often encounter since it is a frequent issue and requires resolution every day. 

Therefore, you must be able to resolve the issue without the assistance of a professional, particularly in the absence of any technical issue with the printer or hardware component that is part of it.

If you notice that your printer displays specific error codes such as 0x97 regardless of making every attempt to fix it, you should seek professional assistance. Some professionals are willing to assist you when you cannot eliminate it yourself. The chances of this happening are quite low since you’ll be able to get rid of the error message above on your Epson printer after following these steps. If you’re unable to accomplish this, make sure you get help from experienced experts in this field.

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