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Typhoon Mawar Update: First Typhoon in Philippines of 2023 Prepares to Make Landfall as Super Cyclone



Typhoon Mawar becomes most intense storm of 2023 after rapid intensification According to Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC).

JWTC said Mawr’s peak winds have topped 175 mph, with gusts up to 210 mph.

The typhoon has surpassed the strength of any storm recorded in 2022 and is now equivalent to a Category 5 super typhoon.

These unprecedented wind speeds have catapulted the storm into the top five most powerful storms ever recorded in the month of May.

Stuti Mishra26 May 2023 06:13


Super Typhoon Mawar has entered the monitoring area of ​​the Philippines, where it is now being referred to by monitors as “Betty”.

The Philippines uses its own names for typhoons that enter its “area of ​​responsibility”.

The storm is a Category 5, but is not expected to make significant landfall in the Philippines at its current strength.

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Only eight other typhoons have reached Category 5 status in May since 1950. Mavor would be the ninth.

Typhoon season usually lasts from April to December. Typhoons that achieve Category 5 equivalent status early in the season are generally rare.

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WATCH: Detailed imagery showing Super Typhoon’s direction

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Maywe Super Typhoon may weaken slightly on its approach west of the Philippines.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration issued an advisory that the storm would enter its monitoring area on Saturday, and predicted that the storm would slow down during the day.

The services said the storm would weaken considerably on Monday as well.

PAGASA wrote, “MAWAR is forecast to remain as a Super Typhoon tonight through the weekend, though slight weakening still remains.” “However, this tropical cyclone is likely to weaken rapidly beginning Monday due to adverse conditions (e.g., effect of intrusion of cold sea water and dry air), though it is expected to persist as a hurricane End of the forecast period.

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Jim Cantor shares satellite imagery of Giant Mavar

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A surf warning has been issued for Guam and the Northern Marianas ahead of Typhoon Mawar, according to the National Weather Service. This warning will continue through Saturday and includes the risk of strong currents.

The agency also said heavy rain and flooding were expected in the region Friday night.

Greg Graziosi26 May 2023 14:48


The Philippines is considered the most exposed country in the world to tropical storms because about 20 cyclones enter the Philippine Area of ​​Responsibility (PAR), the area of ​​the ocean that the country monitors annually.

As the country braces for the onslaught of the mighty cyclone once again, here are some of the most powerful storms to have struck in recent times.

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Hurricane Mawr intensified into a super typhoon with sustained winds of 150 mph

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Typhoon Mawar’s projected path shows the storm will head towards the Philippines, but will not make direct landfall, moving north away from the North Island

While the state weather agency is not ruling out the possibility of a direct landfall, the cyclone is forecast to move northwards, possibly affecting southern China and Taiwan.

According to Jim Yang, a researcher with the China Meteorological Association, there is an increasing “probability of the mawr making landfall” in China or Taiwan.

“If Mavar eventually makes landfall in Taiwan, it will become the first typhoon to make landfall in Taiwan in May in 33 years; If it makes landfall in Fujian, it will become the first typhoon in history to make landfall in Fujian in May.”

Map showing the estimated path of Typhoon Mawr


Some computer models show Mavar turning away from the island toward the Sea of ​​Japan, where it may lose strength after a few days as it encounters cooler waters.

However, the cyclone has intensified in the last few hours after landfall in Guam. The Philippines’ weather agency said it expected the storm to reach its peak intensity in the next 24 hours.

Stuti Mishra26 May 2023 13:30