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What Are the Steps to Factory Reset Canon Printer?


Canon printers are widely acclaimed for their high-quality printing services and unique features throughout the globe. There are occasions when Canon users encounter problems with their printers, and, in some cases, this leads to the necessity of resetting their devices. Additionally, due to regular changes in the technical system of the device and user interfaces, users may also have issues with the reset of their printer.

If you’re also a Canon printer owner and you’ve been searching for details about the procedure to reset your device, You can refer to this guide. In this guide, you’ll be provided with a myriad of options to reset the settings of a Canon printer.

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How can I Factory reset the Canon printer?

There are various methods for resetting Canon printers, and we have listed them in the following. However, two of the most common methods are factory reset and ink reset. Additionally, these frequently employed methods are not straightforward to master, and you’ll need an expert’s guide to follow these.

  • Power reset.
  • Ink reset.
  • Hard reset.
  • Resetting Canon Pixma Printer.
  • Factory reset.

How can I reset the Canon printer back to factory settings?

The process of resetting the Canon printer back to the factory setting (hard reset) isn’t as difficult as you might think. However, you should be aware of some things before performing the reset. Hence, it is best to follow the steps described below to avoid any issues while resetting your printer.

  • Be sure to turn off your Canon printer before anything else. Next, go to the menu.
  • Then, to create this menu, you will need access to the directions Arrows.
  • Make sure to open the settings for your device and click ‘OK.’
  • There will be reset options. Make sure to click ‘OK to ensure that the reset process begins!

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How to reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings?

In addition to resetting the cartridge for ink, some require assistance with the procedure to set your Canon Printer to default settings. 

To follow the procedure, locate the Stop button until you hear the alarm sound. Then, hit the Start button when that alarm sounds a minimum of 19 times. Gradually, you’ll be in a position to reset your Canon printer back to default settings.

  • If a ringing alarm cannot be detected on your phone, press the ” Stop” button.
  • Then, press the ” Start” button when the alarm is set to ring 19, or it flashes.
  • The printer will be back to its default settings. After that, you’ll be asked to uninstall the driver out of your PC.
  • Install the most recent driver versions.

How do I reset My Canon PIXMA printer to the default factory settings?

In certain circumstances, the Canon PIXMA Printer may not perform as smoothly as you’d like it to. You can restore it to its default factory settings. If you want to restore factory default settings, go to the Device Settings once the printer is on. In these settings, you can select the option to reset. After that, you can Factory reset the device by following the instructions below.

  • Start your Canon PIXMA Printer.
  • Search for ” Device Settings.” It is located within the menu. By using the arrows, you can choose it.
  • Then, click “OK.”
  • Choose “Resetting.”
  • Click “OK.”
  • After that, switch off the printing device.
  • Click on the ” Stop” and the ” Power” buttons simultaneously.
  • Maintain your ” Power” button pressing. Now, release ” the Stop.” button and press ” Stop” repeatedly.
  • After 30 minutes, ” O” will appear at the top of the screen. To continue, click on ” Stop” four times.
  • Then, push on the ” Power” button two times.
  • Then, hit the “Power” button ” Power” button once more to switch off your printer.

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Ink Resetting on the Canon Printer

Canon’s printers with inkjets feature an internal chip designed to inform users that the cartridge for ink on the printer is getting old or has run out, and they must refill it.

Follow the steps below and find out how to reset Canon ink cartridges on printers to return your device in good working order:

  • Remove the Canon printer cartridge, and connect the cartridge to the reset mechanism’s main channel.
  • Check that the chip in the cartridge works correctly and is in contact with the resetter’s plates.
  • When you notice an LED on your resetter of the chip, continue to press the ink cartridge gently for a couple of minutes.
  • Then, slowly hold the cartridge in place until the ink cartridge’s lamp becomes steady.
  • If an ink cartridge requires a reset, you’ll have to remove this cartridge from the resetter chip and repeat the process.
  • In the final step, you can put in the cartridges to check the test print to see whether the issue is resolved with the Canon printer.

After completing the steps above, you should know how to reset the Canon printer cartridges. Then, you can learn a second method to reset your printer onward.

What should I do if not able to reset the printer?

Following the steps above, you can restart the settings of your Canon Printer to factory settings and restart the Canon Printer ink cartridge. 

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