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How To Find Roku IP Address Without Remote Or wifi ?


You likely like to know how to locate the Roku IP address without a remote or wifi.

We’ve gathered enough details in this guide to assist you. If you are looking for a brand new Roku remote but cannot locate it, your TV might be able to reveal the IP address of the Roku box.

It’s not a secret that watching television is more complex than ever. Due to the sheer number of streaming and remotes and mobile and tablet apps could take longer to make an episode than to sit down and watch it. But, Roku makes the process slightly simpler by combining several streaming options on one user-friendly interface.

How to Find Roku IP Address With Your Remote

It is easiest to locate your Roku’s IP address inside the device. The Roku has its IP address easily accessible in its menus, and all you have to do is know where to find it.

  1. In the Roku home menu, scroll down to options.
  2. Find the networkoption.
  3. In the submenu, look for the section titled “About.” You’ll see your Roku’s IP address and other critical network information regarding the device.

How to Find Roku IP Address Without a Remote

Here are the steps you need to follow to find a Roku IP address without a remote.

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Roku remote not working

Find Roku IP Address With Your Remote

To locate the IP address of your Roku with your remote:

  • The settings menu is available within your Roku.
  • Find Networking.
  • In the Network submenu, choose the about option.
  • The IP address for your Roku is listed on the page.

Find Roku IP Address Without a Remote

To determine an IP address for your Roku without using a remote:

  • Go to the Google Chrome Web Store.
  • Install and search for an extension Roku.
  • Start Remoku by pressing the icon located on the upper right-hand side of the Chrome browser window.
  • You can open a virtual Roku remote.
  • From the top, select the settings.
  • Click “Scan” and wait for the app to scan the IP addresses of the Network to locate your Roku.
  • Check that the format of your IP address is correct before hitting “Scan.” You can utilize online tools to discover the IP address of your computer.
  • When Roku discovers your Roku gadgets, it displays them for you. You can determine the IP address for your Roku.

Use The Roku Mobile App

. Start the Roku application:

  • In the Roku Channel and Channels tab, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap “System Info.”
  • The System Info page lists the IP address and other network information.

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How Can I Access My Roku To wifi Without Remote?

If you are looking to connect your Roku to wifi but without a remote, you’ll require setting up a mobile hotspot on one device. Then, download the Roku app to function as a remote for another, after which you can utilize Roku’s Roku software to join the Roku to the mobile hotspot for both devices.

Can I Find Ip Address From the Serial Number?

Internet browsers don’t show the serial number of laptops, and laptops aren’t tracked using the serial number. It’s impossible to locate a stolen computer when you connect it to an IP address used through the Internet. If the laptop is connected to the Internet using the new ISP account and has a different IP address.

Can I Find The Ip Address On The Back Of My Roku Tv?

You can verify whether your IP is registered on the Roku device by clicking Settings > System > About. If you own the Roku TV, you can check the IP address by clicking Settings > System > About. If you own different Roku devices, visit Settings > About on the Roku devices (Settings > Player Info from your original Roku device). The IP address needs to be recorded.

What is my Roku IP address on the TV?

It is necessary to hold”Home” on the remote for your TV. Go to Settings before going to System. 

There is now the address in Network>Network Connection Settings. 

You can also look in the settings menu and choose Network> Roku Address. You can then use this on your computer.

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What should I do if my Network does not appear on Roku?

It is necessary to open the router’s settings page. After that, you must search for settings that allow your computer to be viewed. Some of them could include port forwarding.


Because it’s easy to find an address on the Internet for the Roku device, you do not need to fret about this. Follow the steps in the previous paragraphs, and you will be able to discover an IP address for the Roku IP address without using a remote.