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The Touch Screen on My Garmin Nuvi Does Not Work | Quick Fix


The touch screen of Garmin Nuvi GPS’s touch screen. Garmin Nuvi GPS often loses the screen’s sensitivity or ceases to respond when the device is not in use. It usually happens following extended usage. Smudges, dirt, and carelessness generally cause problems with touch screens. If the Garmin Nuvi screen doesn’t perform as you would expect, Garmin offers solutions and strategies that are not just to boost the device’s performance but also to prevent premature aging.

Screen measurement

If the Garmin Nuvi touchscreen doesn’t work, you must adjust the screen. It is possible to sync presets and reset the screen to function correctly without deleting the settings saved. Before changing the screen, you must press and hold the “Power” button to turn off the device. Holding”Power” and holding the “Power” button for approximately 30 seconds, the device displays a calibration display. Pressing a dot on the white screen will automatically adjust the screen’s touch.

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Updating Software

If the Garmin Nuvi touchscreen does not respond when you touch it, updating the device’s firmware to the most recent version can resolve the problems that can cause issues with touch screens. Before updating the device’s firmware, it is necessary to join the GPS to your computer with the USB cable. If the computer can receive GPS signals, it displays an “AutoPlay” menu that appears on the screen. The arrow on the menu will automatically open”myGarminAgent” and open the “my Garmin Agent” download page. Then, follow the steps to upgrade your Garmin Nuvi software swiftly and securely.


In certain situations, the Garmin Nuvi touchscreen isn’t responsive to touch if the display is filthy. Touch screens are sensitive to dirt, and scratches can decrease their sensitivity. If the net gets filthy, wiping it with a soft, clean cloth can improve performance if the screen has become extremely dirty, alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and an eyeglass cleaner to remove the heavy stains. To ensure that the screen is not damaged, use a liquid on the cloth rather than placing it directly on the touch screen before cleaning.

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