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Reset Brother HL-2240 Toner Cartridge | Quick Fix


You might experience a problem when the toner light on your Brother hl-2270dw printers or hl-2240d printers does not turn off. Your printer may need a reset if the problem persists after you have replaced the toner. Follow these simple steps to resolve the issue and reset your toner sensor.

  1. Open the cover and leave it open while you complete the following steps.
  2. Turn off the printer
  3. While turning on the printer, hold the “go” button or the “start” button. All panel lights must be on.
  4. Release the “Go” button (or the “start”) button.
  5. 2. Press the “go” button (or “start”) twice.
  6. Pause. All panel lights must be on.
  7. 5. Press the “go” button (or the “start”) 5 times.
  8. The toner light should not be on (the error light might be flashing).
  9. Paper light needs to be on or flashing.
  10. Cover the area. The only ready light should be on.

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