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How To Unlock Garmin Maps? Garmin Map Unlock Guide


For some Garmin maps, you must open Garmin maps. To open maps, you have to enter an access code. Don’t be worried if you receive this error “Can’t Unlock Maps” on your GPS device.

It is easy to fix this. This happens to every second Garmin user.

Check out this article carefully to find out how to unblock Garmin Maps.

Steps to Unlock Garmin Maps

Step 1: Create an Account

Open your browser and go on to the official Garmin website. Enter your email address and other information required to sign up for an account on this Garmin website.

Step 2: Register your device

Click on the “products” tab and click on the “Register” tab. You can register your device when you sign it into your account. Follow the steps provided.

Step 3: Open Garmin Maps

  • Return to your “Garmin” home screen, select “Manage the maps,” and then download. “
  • Hit on the “Details” button; next to your GPS device (trying to unlock maps. )
  • Hit the “Add maps with product/coupon key” button.
  • Select a name for the map that you would like to unblock your phone.
  • Input your “product key or coupon code” in the “Open Info” field.
  • Type in “Product Number” here “Product Number” here.
  • After that, click “Open Map,” and the map opens.

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Open Garmin Maps in Windows System

  • The download allows you to allow access files on the system.
  • Open “Garmin BaseCamp.” Stop the pop-up displaying how to access BaseCamp.
  • From the menu bar, select “Maps” from the top menu bar “Maps” option.
  • Select “Manage Map Products” and go to “Open Regions. “
  • You do not need to click on the “Open Internet” or click the “Open Internet” option.
  • Select to click the “Import” button and look at the bottom right corner of the window. Click to the “Open Code Files (* .ucx)” button.
  • Then go to the downloads folder, click on the “open file” option, and select the “Open” option.
  • Switch off and then start Garmin BaseCamp in your system. Your product is about to launch.

Open Garmin Maps on Mac System

  • In your Mac program, download unlocks files.
  • Start Garmin Map Manager and click on “File. “
  • Next, select to select the “Enter unlock code” option.
  • Navigate to the Download folder, and click “Open File. “
  • Hit the “Apply” “Apply” option.
  • Finally, restart or restart Garmin BaseCamp.
  • Maps are available at the moment.

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Troubleshooting “Unable to Open Maps” Error in Garmin GPS Device

Sometimes you get corrupted map downloads. This could be due to an error on the internet or Garmin server issues.

This section will provide a method to address Garmin’s recent maps. Follow the steps below to eliminate issues with the “Cannot Unlock Maps” or “Cannot Authorize Maps” error to fix the Garmin GPS issue.

Update Garmin Express

The latest version of Garmin Express is essential for any firmware or mapping updates. Garmin Express reviews itself but often does not do it.

  • Ensure you have the most recent version of Garmin Express operating on your system.
  • Log into Garmin Express (you must have immediate internet access). Check and update when required.
  • Once it is updated, attempt downloading Garmin maps. Maps previously discovered to be locked or corrupted.

Do Not Quickly Remove GPS Device Build Program

After installing your Garmin GPS update to your device, you should wait for a few minutes before disconnecting your GPS.

Installing the GPS device at once can disrupt the files within your device, and it could cause files to be corrupted and only stop the process.

Windows customers: Click the “Remove Hardware” option on your system’s tray rather than directly disconnecting from the USB cables.

To Mac users: Wait until you’re ready to disconnect. If your device is damaged, you will need to download Garmin maps with the aid of Garmin Express.

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