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Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With no Paper Jammed


For high-quality prints using a Brother Printer, it is essential to use high-quality paper in it. In the absence of this, your printer could display unidentified errors that are usually difficult to get rid of. Another paper-related issue is when the printer jams the paper. Sometimes, even after removing that jammed piece of paper, the machine still sees the error, which can cause you headaches.

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But, do not be scared, as this blog will explain how to remove this issue as quickly as possible with just a few simple steps. Follow the simple guidelines provided here, and you will start printing again.

What can cause paper jams in a Brother laser printer?

If you don’t know the background regarding the problem, you’ll not move through the issue. Below are some of the most common causes behind the point of the jamming paper:

  1. Incorrectly loaded documents

As we have mentioned before, incorrect or unsatisfactory quality paper is just one of the numerous reasons why you’re experiencing this issue on your device. The problem will likely occur if you’ve erroneously placed the paper in the tray for input.

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If the rollers of your printers from Brother have any problems or have been damaged, it is likely to happen.

  1. Poor quality or incompatible paper

Make sure that you use the best quality papers compatible with your printer to avoid this issue.

  1. Cartridges of poor quality

Sometimes, the quality of the cartridges being used by the printer can also affect how the printer functions. This is the reason for problems with brother printer paper jams most of the time.

Troubleshoot Brother Printer that keeps the jamming problem

These methods will assist if your brother’s printers are jammed when printing double-sided. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to print with confidence:

  1. First, shut off your printer to prevent any burning.
  2. Take an examination of The Paper Support Flag.
  3. If it’s open, it must be shut.
  4. Now, pull and drag away the paper tray out of the printer.
  5. Also, could you take out the green levers in it?
  6. After that, make sure to take the pieces of paper from the inside.
  7. Check for obstructions and continue.
  8. Also, remove the side flaps of the rear of the printer.
  9. Look for other scraps of paper responsible for the problem.
  10. The flap should be put back in its place and closed.

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How do you unblock a Brother printer?

If your Brother printer will not print or you discover your printer not working because of jamming of the paper, you could unblock your printer by following these steps listed in this article:

  1. Following the steps mentioned above, open the cover of the scanner.
  2. After you open the scanner cover, it is necessary to relocate the printing head.
  3. Then, you can take out all the documents which are stuffed inside.
  4. Then, you must close the scanner and put the levers back into their proper positions.
  5. When you are holding the tray, you’ll need to remove the support for the paper tray.
  6. If you can hear the click sound, that is a sign that you have correctly laid the paper.
  7. Then, connect to the power line.
  8. The brother printer jamming inside is solved using this.

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If you follow the steps on this post, you’ll undoubtedly be rid of any jamming of paper or false paper jamming problems that would not let you print. If you continue to see an error message from your brother’s printer, but no paper jammed, you should seek assistance from an expert.