Monday, April 22, 2024

House GOP's debt ceiling “plan” calls for Medicaid and SNAP work requirements


The inequalities of our justice system will be stark; And of course, the wish is less about a cancerous response to any one person than it is about equal justice for all. Yet, for example, it is shocking that Lester was released after the bus 2 hour of being in custody last week; he was released Tuesday again Less than two hours later he surrendered to the authorities.

The background to such a horrific case and the injustice that followed is in two separate cases of people, one BlackOne white, being left to die in their prison cells while being held on low battery charges. On Monday, a grand jury decided that a group of police officers who shot an unarmed fleeing black man nearly 50 times not facing consequences, there was another girl who was fair Shot dead Saturday after accidentally pulling into the wrong driveway.

All of this says that our society is a violent one. Racism underlies much of this violence, but violence is so deeply embedded within our social veins of mistrust anger, our structural veins of cancerous coldness, that people of all backgrounds are trapped.