Monday, April 22, 2024

Bella Ramsey Announces She's Leaving Twitter: 'Thank You My Gay Army'


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last of us Star Bella Ramsey announced she will no longer be using Twitter on Friday (21 April).

She was among the many celebrities and people who were “legacy verified” on the platform to lose their Blue Ticks today.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk decided that users will now have to pay a monthly fee in order to be “verified” on the social media site.

Critics of the change have argued that the move will make it too easy for misinformation to spread, with users now unable to tell whether a celebrity account is legitimate.

“Twitter it’s been fun,” Ramsey tweeted. “My account will still be active but I won’t be here! Thank you my gay army and everyone else. Love you.”

The 19-year-old British actor recently took to his Twitter account to wish his childhood self a happy Trans Day of Visibility.

he told earlier the new York Times in January that her “gender has always been very fluid”.

As Ramsey announced his hiatus from the stage, several celebrities took the opportunity to poke fun at Musk over the change.

“My blue tick is gone. I’m not sure if that’s really me or not,” Ricky Gervais wrote alongside a picture of his face in a bathtub.

Richard Osman, star of Useless And one bestselling novelist wrote: “Goodbye Blue Tick, old friend.

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“Don’t forget, always set your feed to ‘follow’ instead of ‘for you’. Then you’ll be seeing people you actually follow, not people who’ve noticed.”

Musk revealed that he is personally paying for three celebrities – basketball star LeBron James, actor William Shatner and author Stephen King – to subscribe to Twitter Blue. All three had previously indicated their intention not to pay.

While celebrities no longer have blue ticks, government organizations will remain verified, as will state-affiliated representatives, companies or media entities.