Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Book Banning in America: What is 'Moms for Liberty' Group?


conservative group freedom for moms The book plays a surprisingly important role in the national debate over the ban and in classroom discussions of race and gender identity. Recent Example: The Tallahassee Democrat It is reported that a Florida teacher is under investigation by state officials for showing her students the Disney film “Strange World,” which features a gay character. The complaint against the teacher came from a member of the school board who won the office after being endorsed by Moms for Liberty.

moms for liberty says Its mission is to “fight for America’s survival by uniting, educating, and empowering parents to protect the rights of parents at all levels of government.” But it has many critics. The group is “running a campaign of harassment that has caused people to fear for their safety,” vice news informed of. How did Moms for Liberty get started? And how is it making itself felt in American politics?

The group started as a response to pandemic-era school lockdowns and classroom mask requirements, as well as, Yahoo informed of. Los Angeles Times said the group “criticizes what it perceives as an agenda-driven education system that emphasizes race, gender and diversity at the expense of core subjects.” Co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Deskovich say their goal is not to disrupt education, but to fight for parents’ rights to oversee their children’s education. “We are disrupting the balance of power in education,” Justice said.

That disruption can be disruptive. “Conservative media outlets highlight videos of Moms for Liberty members as they turn school board meetings into raucous shouting matches,” said Yahoo. “The group’s incredible growth over the course of two years — and helped create a broader national debate about the politicization of the education system,” Wise said.

But that raucousness goes hand in hand with more official political organizing: The group now claims 115,000 members and Nationwide school board runs candidate in raceWinning Often: About half the group’s 250 supported candidates won in 2022, In November, members of Liberty Backed School for Mothers Fired a school board superintendent in South Carolina, As a result of all this, Moms for Liberty “has become a major force in Republican politics,” Vice described.

The group has made its biggest splash advocating for “Anti-Voc” Law against classroom texts and reference books critical race theory Or lgbt identity, “Moms for Liberty worked with the office of the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, to help craft the state’s infamous ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law.” new yorker informed, while Pennsylvania Capital-Star noted that “thanks to the efforts of the M4L and its Republican allies, Pennsylvania ranks third in the nation in the number of school library book bans.” (Texas and Florida rank higher.) pen americaFree speech advocacy group Moms for Liberty said a range of groups are behind the “dramatic expansion” in book-banning efforts in the years following the pandemic.

Leaders at Moms for Liberty say some books and themes are not appropriate for young readers. Justice said, “Nobody is looking to ban the books.” news nation, “What we’re talking about is curating material in a library. You won’t have the same books in a medical college that you do in a seminary, and just because a book is printed doesn’t mean That it’s for the kids. The library.” However, Tennessee members of the group made headlines in 2022 Challenging the schoolbooks about Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther King Jr.

There seems to be a reaction going on. Los Angeles Times reported that national groups like every library And red wine and blue help “people speak out against censorship in public meetings,” while preferring local and regional efforts Louisiana Citizens Against Censorship have also turned up. And President Biden looks set to make library and classroom censorship an issue in the 2024 campaign. “I never thought I would be a president who is trying to crack down and ban books against elected officials,” he said in April. “I’ve never met a parent who wants a politician to dictate what their child can learn and what they can think or who they can be.”

While Moms for Liberty has largely focused on local school board politics, the group also has its eye on the 2024 presidential race. told justice CNN DeSantis has thrown himself into the “parental rights” movement more than other candidates. “Ron DeSantis stood up for parents when no one else did,” she said. “I think he’s such a leader, and parents across the country have recognized him for that.”