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24 best Memorial Day tech deals 2023: Headphones, TVs and more


is close to It’s the hottest time of the year, so why not trick your home theater and stay indoors? Or, if you’re planning to step out, you can pick up some earbuds to keep up with the tunes on the go. Whatever your needs, there are plenty of sales happening this weekend and we’ve rounded up some of the best of our all-time favorite electronics picks.

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home theater deals

Photograph: TCL

Even after the latest 2022 update, TCL’s 6-Series (9/10, WIRED recommendation) is still our favorite TV overall. This quantum-dot, mini-LED TV delivers better contrast and deeper blacks than previous versions of this already great-looking set. It has a Roku interface built in and the included stand is excellent.

For a more mid-range option, this Vizio set (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of our top picks. While it’s not one of the brightest sets we tested, its local dimming and quantum dot display give it excellent contrast in darker rooms.

LG is the only company that makes large OLED panels on a large scale, so it’s no surprise that LG’s own TV is one of our top picks. The C2 has some of the lowest input lag out there, making it great for gaming, and the OLED screen gives it insane contrasts that should appeal to movie nerds.

If you have a lot of natural light coming into your living room, some TVs can be difficult to watch. In those cases, this Samsung TV (8/10, Wired recommends) is one of our favorites. Not only is it one of the brightest TVs we’ve tested, but it also has some great viewing angles, making it ideal for a wide variety of situations.

We still can’t believe you’re really need An 8K TV yet, but if you really want to be on the cutting edge, this Samsung set (8/10, WIRED recommendation) is our top choice and it’s finally reaching a reasonable price. It has absolutely stunning picture quality and processing, and even comes with a solar-powered remote control.

Photograph: Vizio

The Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 Soundbar (9/10, WIRED recommends) is our top pick for under $500. It supports Dolby Atmos sound and blasts audio upwards to help create a more lifelike soundstage. It comes with dual rear speakers to give you immersive sound with minimal setup.

Roku makes one of our favorite smart TV systems, but if your TV doesn’t include one, this is one of the best. It’s cheap — especially on sale — supports Dolby Vision HDR, and comes with a voice-controlled remote.

camera deals

Photograph: Nikon

If you’re invested in the Nikon ecosystem, the Z6 II is an excellent upgrade. Its 24-megapixel full-frame sensor delivers top-notch dynamic range and the camera can record 10-bit 4:2:2 LOG footage over HDMI.

The GoPro Hero11 (9/10, WIRED recommends) is one of our favorite action cameras, but it’s also great as a regular camera. It’s got an easy way to get footage with a minimum of fiddling, and you can pull some amazing high-res still images from video.

The Insta360 One RS (8/10, WIRED recommends) is our top pick for do-it-all action cameras. It’s great as an action camera, great as a 360 camera, and it even supports interchangeable lenses, with three different modules you can mix and match.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the GoPro Hero 10 (8/10, WIRED recommends) is our top action camera pick. It has a fast processor capable of recording 5.3K video, high frame rate video, and video tone mapping to capture even better detail.

battery deals

Photograph: Anchor

For keeping your phone charged, this portable battery from Anker is our top pick. Its 10,000-mAh capacity is enough to charge your phone multiple times, or even charge your laptop or tablet.

GoalZero makes some of our favorite power banks for charging heavy-duty devices like laptops. It’s a beast, capable of delivering 187 watt-hours of power. It has four USB ports (two USB-A, two USB-C), a regular power outlet, and even a car-style power outlet.

This portable battery from BioLite is our favorite for outdoor use. It is made of durable material, while still being light enough to carry in your pocket. also makes biolite solar panels Which can be used to charge their batteries, and while we’re still testing them, they’ve been a really handy way to top off your power bank when you’re away from home.

This very large portable battery from Zendure is our pick for air travel for one very simple reason: It’s absolutely the largest capacity you’re legally allowed to carry on a plane. If you need to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, And Switch When you’re flying around the world, you can bring several small batteries, or just get by.

The whole clear-plastic gadget trend really needs to make a comeback. Shargeek clearly agrees, as the company sells this 25,600-mAh battery that features a stylish design that lets you see all the internal parts, as well as a color display that shows the voltage, current, and power flowing through each part Gives detailed information about.

For really serious power needs, this Jackery Explorer Power Station is our favorite. It’s meant to be paired with a few solar panels, can store large amounts of electricity, and produce enough electricity to run major appliances off the grid.

Headphone and Earbud Deals

hyperx cloud alpha wireless

Photograph: HyperX

HyperX’s Cloud Alpha wireless headset is one of those rare gadgets that earns a perfect 10/10 Wired Recommended score. Using some combination of quantum physics and dark magic, this pair gets an unreal 300 hours of battery life, 30-ish compared to most other headsets. They’re also extremely comfortable, have great audio quality, and a solid microphone for team chat. It’s not the cheapest we’ve seen them, but they’ve gotten more expensive recently and it’s still a solid deal.

This headset is our top pick for Xbox gamers. The Arctis 9X connects directly to the Xbox the same way you connect controllers, so you don’t need a dongle. They’re comfortable, have excellent audio quality, and last about 20 hours on a single charge.

The JBL Quantum One may have a distinct gamer aesthetic™, but they’re also our top pick if you’re into 3D audio. Not only is the spatial audio delivery excellent, but JBL has also added some nifty features like reducing the volume if you turn your head away from your game.

The Jabra Elite 7 Active is our top pick for workout earbuds. Jabra scanned thousands of ears to create a design that fits your ear shape, fits snugly, and works. Not only do they last on outdoor excursions, but they sound great and even get eight hours of battery life.

Photograph: Apple

If you’re an iPhone user, it’s hard to find better earbuds than the AirPods Pro (9/10, WIRED recommendation). They pair easily with Apple products, fit comfortably in most ears, and the charging case has its own built-in speaker so you never have to stop listening.

The Sony LinkBuds (8/10, WIRED recommends) are unique in that they have holes in the middle of their drivers, so you can still hear the outside world when you’re listening. This helps make them our top choice for earbuds when you’re traveling in the city.

If you’re really big into the Alexa ecosystem, the Echo Buds (8/10, Wired recommends) are our top pick for you. They have great audio quality, a wireless charging case and, naturally, can respond to voice commands like other Echo products.