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where are they now? Phil Robertson and more


The Robertson family may have become a household name thanks to A&E, but they’ve remained in fans’ minds ever since thanks to their hilarious antics. duck Dynasty Viewers got an inside look into the lives of Louisiana natives and their business, Duck Commander. The hit reality show premiered in March 2012 and ended in March 2017 after 11 seasons.

The series followed the VC Phil Robertsonhis wife, Kay Robertsonhis brother c robertson and Phil’s son willie robertson, JP Robertson And Jess Robertson, Willie and his family – including wife corey robertsonDaughter sadie robertson and son John Luke Robertson — took center stage during the show’s run, which featured appearances from several of the family’s relatives.

Willie and Corey reflect on the incident in March 2017. “The Robertson family has always been very open with their lives. the good and the bad,” he told us weekly especially at that time. “When you’re vulnerable and say, ‘Hey, what we’re going through, it resonates.’

He said: “We try to protect everybody and not get caught up in something embarrassing. One time C was biting his nose and the producers thought it was funny. We were like, ‘No, take it out.’ ‘

As far as knowing the show’s stars were famous, Wiley recalled the turning point. “People started showing up to the warehouse,” he said. “At first, it was two, and I was like, ‘Hey, come on in!’ Then two turned into 20, 40 turned into 2,000. They were making a pilgrimage here to be a part of it.”

Although the end of the series did not indicate plans for the men of the family to shave. “I would say no,” argued Wiley when asked if he would lose his beard once filming was over.

Corey said on his part:Missy [Robertson] That’s exactly what Jace wants, and he’s considering it.”

However, the pair decided that Zep was the better choice. “I bet on Zep,” said Willie WeTo which Corey replied, “Yeah, Zep most likely.”

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