Sunday, June 23, 2024

Adult-use cannabis in Delaware set to become legal this weekend, becoming the 22nd state in the US to allow recreational weed


since midnight on Saturday, Delaware Will become the 22nd state in the United States to legalize cannabis for adult use. Governor John Carney (D) announced on Friday that he would allow two companion cannabis legalization bills to become law without his signature. The decision comes after the neighboring states of New Jersey and Maryland passed laws legalizing cannabis for adult use.

HB 1, sponsored by Rep. Ed Osienski, would make limited amounts of cannabis legal for adults 21 and older under Delaware state law. The bill was sent to Governor Carney and will become law at the end of the day on Saturday, April 22. Meanwhile, HB 2, which was sent to the governor on Friday, April 14, would legalize and regulate the cultivation and sale of cannabis. This separate bill will become law at the end of the day on Wednesday, April 26. Both bills passed the House of Representatives and the Senate with majority votes.

As a result of these legislative actions, Delaware joins 21 other states that have already legalized cannabis for adult use. Additionally, bills to legalize adult-use cannabis are currently working their way through state legislatures like Minnesota and New Hampshire.

The Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition, which includes several member organizations, expressed its support for the state’s decision. Toi Hutchinson, President and CEO of Marijuana Policy Project, said, “With this move, Delawareans can finally celebrate the end of the long-awaited cannabis prohibition! We applaud Gov. Carney for not standing in the way of progress. With every new state that rises to the challenge, stands up for and legalizes cannabis, we are one step closer to ending cannabis prohibition nationwide.

Olivia Naugle, “The MPP is proud to play an important role in the efforts toward legalizing cannabis in Delaware,” said Senior Policy Analyst at the Marijuana Policy Project. We applaud the tireless work of the Legislature and advocates for their commitment to ending cannabis prohibition This new law will have a far-reaching, positive impact on many Delaware residents, especially those most harmed by cannabis prohibition. Legalizing and regulating cannabis is safer for both cannabis consumers and communities, and Will create good jobs and a new source of revenue for the state.”

Laura Sharer, Delaware NORML The executive director, also praised the development, saying, “After years of advocacy, collaboration and grassroots organizing, we are thrilled to see cannabis legalized in our state. This victory is a result of thousands of volunteers, dozens of lawmakers, and the support of our Delaware community.” The tireless work has resulted in the support of the vast majority. Many people have supported this righteous cause and recognized the need for sensible cannabis policy reform.

Sharer continued, “This is an important step toward creating a fair system that respects individual liberty, promotes public health and safety, generates economic growth, and addresses issues of social justice.” . Delaware lawmakers have taken a progressive and equitable approach to cannabis policy.”

Finally Jonathan Tate, co-chairman of Delaware Democratic Socialists of America, Thank you to the Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition, state legislators and Governor Carney. He specifically thanked Representative Ed Osianski, who “has been leading this crusade for a decade.” Tate concluded, “The legalization of cannabis is exactly the kind of revolutionary reform we fight for—it empowers working-class people to make their own decisions about what they consume and it stops the state from punishing families.” Prohibits from doing, brutalizing, imprisoning and dividing. It.”