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Phillip Scofield news latest: TV star axed after 'lying' to ITV about affair with This Morning staffer



On Friday (26 May), Phillip Scofield admitted lying about an affair with a colleague today morning,

The news comes less than a week after she dramatically quit the show presented alongside Holly Willoughby amid rumors of a feud between the two.

in a statement to daily MailScofield said: “This morning I had a consensual on-off relationship with a younger male colleague.

“I haven’t been truthful about the relationship in an effort to save my former co-worker.”

Jacob Stallworthy27 May 2023 08:40


Piers Morgan is one of several former ITV presenters reacting to the Philip Scofield revelations.

Piers Morgan reacts to Philip Schofield news


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A spokesman for ITV said the broadcaster was “deeply disappointed by the admission of deception made by Philip Scofield tonight” after the presenter admitted a relationship with a young today morning Colleague.

He said in a statement: “Our relationships with the people we work with are based on trust.”

Jacob Stallworthy27 May 2023 09:10


However, Holmes, who previously referred to the pair as “actors”, has questioned Scofield’s words. In the statement, he said: “ITV has decided that the current situation cannot go on, and I want to do what I can to protect the show I love.”

Holmes believes the presenter was “sacked”.

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Philip Schofield’s future at ITV is uncertain after hosting the Soap Awards next month, inside sources have claimed. So what now?

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A spokesman for ITV said the broadcaster was “deeply disappointed by the admission of deception made by Philip Schofield tonight” after the presenter admitted an affair with a young colleague this morning.

He said in a statement: “Our relationships with those we work with are based on trust.

“Philip gave us assurances which he now admits were untrue and we are feeling deeply let down.

“We accept his resignation from ITV and can therefore confirm that he will not appear on ITV as previously stated.”

Sam Rakena26 May 2023 22:08


loose Women Star Nadia Sawalha becomes latest ITV star to discuss Philip Scofield’s departure today morning,

speaking on his podcast coffee moaningThe daytime TV star explained why many ITV stars have not discussed the subject publicly.

“This story with Phillip and Holly is huge, it is everywhere. There is a lot of speculation and a lot of chatter,” she said.

“I think everyone at ITV, like my colleagues… there is a constant question of why haven’t we said anything? Why aren’t we saying anything?”

She continued: “It’s difficult, because I have a rule … and I think it’s a good one, that I don’t talk bad about people who are co-workers. I think that’s what makes you a decent person makes or not.

“There are people who don’t stick to that rule and I believe a certain person who is in the news at the moment was not so much associated with me not long ago. I’m going to leave it there.

Jacob Stallworthy26 May 2023 21:45


Piers Morgan said Philip Scofield is “absolutely heartbroken” at his This Morning exit as he was not given the opportunity to say a “proper goodbye” to viewers after two decades on the show.

writing in his op-ed for SunMorgan said: “I don’t know the full story behind Philip Schofield’s downfall, but where I feel personal sympathy with him is in the manner of his dismissal.

“I find it unnecessarily rude of ITV not to give him the chance to say a proper goodbye to his large, loyal audience after 21 years, and I know he is completely heartbroken about it, as he himself Told me.”

Jacob Stallworthy26 May 2023 20:45


“I am making this statement through the Daily Mail, to whom I have already personally apologized for misleading, through my solicitor, about a story they published a few days ago on my behalf. wanted to write about.

“The first thing I want to say is this: I am deeply sorry for lying to him and many others about the relationship I had with someone I worked with this morning. had a consensual relationship with a male colleague. Contrary to speculation, when I met the man when he was a teenager and was asked to help him get into television, it was only after he started working on the show became more than just a friendship. That relationship was unwise, but not illegal. It’s over now.

Read the full statement here.

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Phillip Scofield’s agency confirmed it has “parted company” with the presenter.

Marie Becht, Group Chief Executive of YMU Group, said: “Honesty and integrity are core values ​​throughout YMU’s business, defining everything we do.

“Talent management is a relationship based entirely on trust.

“This week, we learned important new information about our client, Philip Schofield.

“These facts contradict what Philip had previously told YMU, as well as the outside consultants we brought in to support him.

“As a result, on Thursday we agreed to part ways with Philippe with immediate effect.”

Jacob Stallworthy26 May 2023 19:45