Monday, May 20, 2024

Peter Navarro Blames Sidney Powell for 2020 Election Failure – Rolling Stone


another trump partner Has been caught on tape admitting claims of election fraud promoted by the former president and his allies, which were nonsense. This time it is former Trump advisor Peter Navarro.

In a recording obtained by MSNBC, Navarro complains to former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg that Trump lawyer Sidney Powell killed the campaign’s chances of taking the fraud claims seriously — exposing Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. blamed him for.

“I’m telling you Abby,” Navarro said, “when history is written on this, she was kind of the turning point for our inability to prove the case because she was so far away that people backed out. We The states and the state legislature were on the verge of success and then it happened.

Navarro is referring to the conspiratorial claims made by Powell that voting machine and software companies such as Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic rigged the election against Trump. former presidents and their campaigns promoted these claims many times even after the election having knowledge that they were liars.

In a statement to MSNBC, Navarro called Sidney Powell “the worst thing to ever happen to the issue of election integrity.” He added, “As always, I am candid with Abby Grossberg, just as I am candid with the American people.”

The recording comes from a trove of materials released by Grossberg, who is suing his former employer Fox News. Grossberg alleges that the network forced him to change his testimony in a statement to Dominion. The Voting Systems company sued Fox for $1.6 billion, alleging that spreading conspiracy theories about their role in the election amounted to defamation. Fox and Dominion reached a $787.5 million settlement on Tuesday.

Several recordings made by Grossberg during his time at Fox News include admissions from Trump aides, and even his campaign, that they failed to produce solid evidence of voter fraud.

In a recording, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who Trump’s judicial efforts supported To overturn the election, Fox News was requested to show “conclusive evidence” of fraud. In a separate recording, a member of Trump’s campaign acknowledged to Grossberg that his audit of Georgia’s election machines found “there were no physical problems”. [Dominion] machines on those inspections.

Dominion may have settled its lawsuit with Fox News, but there’s a pending litigation Against Trump’s most staunch allies, the former president and his friends continue to threaten to expose how much nonsense the public has been told.