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NYC woman sentenced to 21 years for trying to poison friend's cheesecake lookalike


Brooklyn woman sentenced to 21 years in cheesecake poisoning case

Brooklyn woman sentenced to 21 years in cheesecake poisoning case


A Brooklyn woman was sentenced Wednesday to 21 years in prison for trying to kill her lookalike friend with poisoned cheesecake. Jesse Zanger of CBS New York reports,

Victoria Nasyrova, 47, was Found guilty of attempted murder in February.

Viktoria Nasyrova in an undated photo from her Facebook page

Victoria Nasyrova / Facebook

prosecutors said that he Olga Svik was expected to kill with a cheesecake laced with a potentially lethal drug so that he can steal Svyk’s identity, passport and other documents and return to Russia.

According to prosecutors, Nasirova visited the then-35-year-old victim’s Queens apartment in 2016 with cheesecake in hand. At the time, they strongly resembled each other—both had dark hair and similar complexions—and both spoke Russian.

The district attorney said Swick ate the cake, then vomited and hallucinated but survived, and evidence led authorities to Nasyrova.

In court Wednesday, Swick said, “For him, it was easy to try to take another person’s life. It was an easy thing to gain another person’s trust.”

After sentencing, she said, “I wait so many years to say this. … It feels good.”

While sentencing, the judge described Nasirova as extremely dangerous.

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