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The True Story Behind The HBO Movie Reality


heyOn June 3, 2017, 25-year-old American intelligence specialist Reality Leigh Viner arrived home to find two FBI agents outside her home in Augusta, Ga. Over the next 104 minutes, Will faces mounting questions about his dubious role in reality. Misuse of classified information related to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Those 104 minutes are almost exactly what appears on screen in HBO’s new reality The Movie, streaming May 29 on Max. Starring Sidney Sweeney as Winner, the film is based on writer-director Tina Sater’s acclaimed 2019 play “Is This a Room” and features dialogue directly from the transcript of the FBI interrogation of Winner.

Sweeney said, “I was struck by how complex she was.” Diversity about her decision to portray the winner. “There are so many conflicting layers to who she is, what it means to be a woman. And I think we were able to take a moment and really humanize it, and not put any kind of lens into it. It was just a real moment in time. This is all from the transcript. Nothing has changed. and I like that.

Here’s what the true story behind it is all about reality,


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A former US Air Force translator, Viner was hired as a National Security Agency (NSA) contractor in May 2017 after he decided to print a single classified document, smuggled out of the federal facility in Georgia where he worked, and mailed it to the online news outlet’s Washington, DC, post office box Intercept, The report describes a Russian military intelligence cyberattack on local election officials and US voting software ahead of the 2016 election.

during a 2021 Interview Together 60 minutes, Viner said she was motivated to leak the report because she felt the American people were being misled. “I knew it was a secret,” she said. “But I also knew that I had made a promise to serve the American people, and at that point it seemed to be waning.”

Intercept The handling of the leak was widely criticized, which exposed Winner as the anonymous source behind the classified information. The publication sent a copy of the document to the NSA, which had a crease showing it had been printed, allowing the FBI to narrow the pool of potential leakers down to six people. Investigators later identified Viner as the source when they learned that he had emailed Intercept from his work computer.

The winner was arrested two days ago Intercept published documentwith a story detailing its significance on June 5, 2017. Within hours of publication, the Justice Department announced that Winner had been charged under the Espionage Act.

What happened to Reality Winner?


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