Friday, June 21, 2024

Ready to smell the musk? The Boring Company's Burnt Hair perfume will start shipping next month


Elon Musk‘S boring company will reportedly start shipping its burnt hair perfume in June.

What happened: “The only thing standing between you and your new favorite fragrance is the packaging and the mailman,” The Boring Company wrote in the mail, shared by Twitter users.

The Fragrance, First Teased By The CEO Elon Musk In September, shipping will begin in June, the mail added.

The fragrance, described as the essence of hateful desire, is marked as sold out on the website which notes that “the flames will begin” in the second quarter. The company sold over $1 million worth of the fragrance on its first day in October.

The mail read, “Our hair caught on fire as we worked hard to collect your bottles.”

The Boring Company did not immediately respond to Benzinga’s request for comment.

why it matters: Musk first teased the cologne in September. The same company that sold you a flamethrower is now coming out with the scent of burnt hair, Musk announced on Twitter. “Stand out in a crowd! Get noticed as you walk through the airport!” Musk wrote. A month later, Musk said that Dogecoin (DOGE/USD) payments would be accepted for a product priced at $100 per bottle.

musk set boring company In 2016. Its mission is to “solve traffic, enable rapid point-to-point transportation, and transform cities,” according to the company’s website.

Musk’s tunneling venture currently operates a tunnel system in Las Vegas, Nevada, which primarily uses Tesla vehicles. Earlier this month, it was reported that Clark County, Nevada has approved new plans for an expansion of The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop.

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