Saturday, July 20, 2024

Matt Gaetz: McCarthy's ouster discussed only in the press


repealed. Matt Getz (R-Fla.) dismissed talk about the House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Speakership in jeopardy as he tries to compromise with Pres. Joe Biden on the loan limit.

What happened: “Literally no one is talking about firing McCarthy right now except the press,” Gaetz said on Twitter on Monday.

Gaetz said in a statement to The Washington Examiner, “Barring some dramatic, unexpected turn of events, I have no plans to remove Speaker McCarthy.”

“You don’t fire someone just because you disagree with them. By that standard, no speaker will last a day. President McCarthy should simply fulfill the promises he made in January. The record is commendable. So far.”

why it matters: McCarthy won the speakership in January after a historic 15-ballot battle and sweeping right-wing House members. During the voting round, Getz was one of his strongest opponents.

Among the concessions made at the time was allowing only one House member to vote to oust the speaker, instead of the previous requirement of five.

On Monday, McCarthy said the date ceiling meeting with Biden had been “productive” but no agreement had been reached. Speaker and House Financial Services Speaker Patrick McHenry (R-NC) met with the president and said that spending cuts should be part of the deal.

Republicans have passed a debt limit bill called the Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023, which has not been brought before the Senate.

The act includes significant spending cuts over the next decade, but the Senate was not expected to pass it and Biden was expected to veto it if it did.

The GOP and Democrats have 10 days to come to an agreement on the debt limit before the Treasury runs out of cash, which could potentially trigger a recession.

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