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How to Fix a Canon Printer Error Code b203 Manually?


Are you seeing error b203 on Your Canon Printer? If so, today, we will inform you about error B203 in Canon and how to fix the error.

Spending hours trying to fix the Canon Error b203 issue can make anyone feel frustrated as there are no exact Solutions & no clear Instructions to Fix the Problem. Let’s look at the issue with a clear mind to find the perfect solution.

What exactly is Canon B203 Error?

According to Canon, this is an error in the Service Manager that indicates an Internal Failure. 

Causes of Canon Error b203 

We’ve collected offline and online data; many people have reported this problem differently. Let’s list most of the likely causes that could cause this error.

  • The printhead has been damaged or jammed. 
  • Recent Firmware Upgrade
  • corrupted printer driver

fix Canon printer error B203 Follow these steps:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is switch off your printer and ensure that the ink cartridges are filled.

Step 2: You can pull the entire ink cartridge out of the printer to check the ink in the cartridges.

Step 3: Change on your printing device ” ON,” and all you need to do is permit the printer head to shift to the left-hand side of the printer.

Step 4: You must hold off until the printer head is moved to the left side.

Step 5: It will put your printer on, load the setting settings, and then attempt to clean itself from the inside.

Step 6: If it does not clean itself up, you need to go through the procedure, and the print head should not be placed on the left side in any way.

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Sometimes, it could result from hardware issues like jammed paper or a faulty installation of the ink cartridge, and so on.

How do I solve Canon printer error code b203?

Hard Reboot Power

  1. Switch off the Canon printer.
  2. Unplug the power cord.
  3. After that, you can re-open it by pressing your power button down for about a moment.
  4. Connect the power cord once more and connect the power cord to your device.
  5. Turn on the power to both the system and the Canon printer.
  6. Try taking the print and verify whether the error B203 is solved or not.

Fill your cartridge with ink.

Canon Printer error code B203 also occurs when the ink cartridge is empty. The ink tanks could become empty, but most of the time, one or two tanks are empty, which are used frequently. Open your ink cartridge refill the cartridges with ink. 

If you’re using a wireless connection, then the poor network could be the reason for this error. Try reconnecting and establishing an appropriate connection to print.

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Restarting the printer could be the solution Canon B203 blunder.

Typically, any error in the runtime process occurs, which could trigger Canon problems. Restarting your printers vigorously could be an effective solution to the error. However, use this method only one time. If you start your printer straight by dissociating the force line, it may harm it.

  • Turn off the Canon printer.
  • Disengage the electric line from the power source.
  • – Press on the power button and then keep it for approximately 30 seconds
  • Apply your power code on the outlet divider and an additional side to your printer
  • Turn on both devices and try to submit the print request. 

Look to see if there is Paper Jam.

Just a tiny jetsam small piece of paper or a tiny piece of pin or paper clip could be the reason behind the B203 error arising. Therefore, open your printer and make sure you check inside the printer for anything that can stop the printer from allowing the printer head to move around the printer.

Remove any material that isn’t needed or paper you discover in the printer to make your Canon printer back to working correctly and get it back to the condition it was in when it was operating perfectly.

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Find a bad network connection.

A bad network connection error usually occurs when the wireless connection. 

If the Canon Printer is linked via an internet connection such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it is recommended to place the printer close to the device. Examine whether Bluetooth ports on both devices are functioning properly or not. A weak connection could result in Canon error code B203, so make sure that both ports for connecting are functioning correctly. If you suspect an issue with this port for wireless communication, you can connect to your printer with a USB connection. Always make use of a high-speed USB connection for your printer. 

Give the print command via your phone or computer and verify that your printer is responding to the instruction or not. If not, you need to seek the Canon Printer Support Code B203. The technical support team will look into your problem and offer more efficient solutions.

Use Windows troubleshooter

If your printer has been producing errors due to an internal problem, the Windows troubleshooter can help fix the error. It is an inbuilt feature to use with Windows devices. If you happen to make any error while printing, it will appear on your screen in the event of. If it isn’t showing up as expected, it is possible to find it without much of a challenge by typing investigate into Google’s search field. You need to follow the prompts on the screen to find out the error. However, if you’re not yet able to spot the error, Contact Canon Support Code B203 to get expert help.

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