How to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

The printing of empty pages is a typical issue with Canon printers. Canon printers come with two or four cartridges. This issue usually happens when there’s no ink in the cartridge or the machine closing in the cartridge.

You can follow the steps below to fix this issue with your printers that cannot print empty pages.

  • On your desktop screen turn on my computer
  • Right-click on the printer’s name and then select Properties.
  • Within the capabilities offered by your printer, verify the device settings, then click Preferences.
  • Click on Services in the Favorites section, then select a clean printer.
  • It is possible to apply this option a few times before the printhead has been completely clean.

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Here are a few of the causes that lead your Canon printing device to produce blank pages

  • Breather Tape Breathing tape must be removed as soon as it blocks the ink from clogging the machine cabinet, which eliminates the ink from the paper. This is the reason it causes blank pages printing.
  • Install New Cartridge before Starting to DryIf your printer shows you low warning signals; you should instantly replace the cartridge with a brand new cartridge. If you ignore the warning levels of the printer’s ink, it will begin infusing air inside the printer, causing obstructions.
  • A barrier that blocks air from that can enter the printer’s realm stops your printer from printing blank pages. It is possible that the process won’t stop entirely. However, you might see lines on the printer. The shutting of some pipes causes it.
  • You are utilizing Poor Quality Third-Party Generic Cartridges when you don’t use the correct ink and instead use cheap third-party ink, the odds of stopping the printing pipeline increase.

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There is a possibility of malfunctioning when the ink doesn’t precisely match the Canon ink, and there is the possibility of failure. This is because the ink used by printers must operate at the correct speed and is also designed to ensure that it will not smudge or dry out too quickly.

How to Prevent This Issue:

The following guidelines to keep in mind when trying to solve the issue:

1. Print Regularly

This will help the ink flow continuously across the printing head. This will allow the printer to place its ink in the printhead and make it easier to set the pipe block.

2. Make sure to use only high-quality cartridges that are standard.

Standard cartridges of high quality should be utilized. Utilizing high-quality ink can result in high print quality and high viscosity, and it does not block or clog the printing pipe.

3. Check that your printer is kept in an excellent location.

It is advised to keep your printer near the temperature of a cooler area since the ink might expand or contract inside the printer, where it could not be employed. Make sure that the printer is far from windows, and then move the printer to a more relaxed area so that it will not cause any obstructions.

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