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My Garmin Won’t Turn On | Quick Fixes


It’s not new to talk about the popularity of Garmin’s most powerful GPS routers that are made to fulfill the human needs for navigation and exploration. However, while these devices are top-rated, most electrical devices will eventually fail.

Several frequent Garmin problems could be caused by one of the problems users have reported “My Garmin will not open” after receiving the most current Garmin GPS Update.

The issue may lie in the device’s battery or firmware or the malfunctions in software that might have been caused initially.

The issues can be resolved by implementing the appropriate solutions. It is not necessary to return the gadget to the manufacturer.

What is the best solution that can repair the device for good? Are there any?

So, if your Garmin does not open, it could be due to several issues that could create this issue. Analyzing the problems one at a can assist you in breaking free.

Ways to Fix Garmin Will Not Unlock the Problem

1. Check Dead Batteries

If you’ve recently bought an item, make sure you charge it as it might not be fully charged. If you’re setting your device, but it’s in the charging position for an extended period, and it shuts off the machine, you should replace the battery in your device.

In some instances, devices won’t start if you do not charge the device, even if you remove your power cable. If this happening is fixed, you must recharge the batteries.

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2. Incorrect or damaged SD card

Sometimes, Garmin cannot open due to the presence of a Micro SD card inserted. The card can’t be correctly installed in the structure. The device will shut down and lock it after removing it from its SD card.

If your device is operating, it is because of an uncorrected SD card. To fix the issue, insert the card correctly, and if the GPS is activated and you have it, you’re in good shape.

It can also happen if your SD card is damaged, which causes the device to malfunction.

3. Issue With Garmin GPS Logic board

If the issue is with the logic board, or it is damaged, the result is that Garmin cannot be opened.

There’s no way to fix it. Therefore, you should seek help from skilled technical experts. Call the number above.

4. Make sure the outlet is properly plugged in.

If none of these measures are applicable, you must examine the power source. Verify that it is providing enough power to allow devices to be connected. If not, look for other stores that can join the GPS battery cable.

If there’s an issue with the power supply, the batteries might not be fully charged, and you should speak with the technical experts as quickly as possible.

5. Power cable problem

The other thing that you need to be sure of is that the cable for power is condition and supplies the device with power via the power outlet.

Examine the power cable for cracks, which could result in a device slowing down or not charging the device in any way.

Sometimes, the incorrect power cable could be a cause that can be damaged at the moment of purchase or from a mishap at home.

6. The charging cable of the phone may be defective

When you power up your gadget using an unreliable charger or broken charger, it is not charging correctly or won’t charge you.

Ensure the charging jack remains fixed and is not moving when installing an electrical cable. If possible, it’s not expensive and requires immediate replacement or repair.

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