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How to Setup HP Tango Printer? Quick Setup Guide


Are you unsure of what to do to set up your HP Tango printer? This document guides you through the steps to set up for HP Tango and Tango X printers. The WPS and HP Smart can be used to configure the wireless connectivity settings.

  • Check that your printer is on. Your computer or mobile device must be connected to the same wireless connection you intend to connect to your printer.
  • Make sure you have a compatible laptop or mobile device linked to your WiFi.
  • Your router, smartphone, or computer must be on.
  • Install the printer using paper loading in the tray for input and then inserting the cartridges for ink. Take a look at the first printer configuration when making edits for the first time.
  • Switch on the printer place it near the computer and within the router’s range during the setup procedure.

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How to Setup HP Tango Printer

Method 1 1. Configure up the HP Tango printer using WPS

Step 1 When your printer is compatible with WPS, follow the steps below to join your printer with the Wireless network.

Step 2: Change your printer.

Third Step: Find that WPS switch on the router and avoid pressing it.

Step 4 If your router doesn’t support WPS, proceed to step.

Phase 5: Hold and press the button for wireless (behind that router) and power button for approximately 5 minutes.

Step 6. Press and hold your WPS key for 3 to 5 secs until the connection to WPS begins.

Notification: Your printer stops looking for WPS connections within two minutes of hitting the WPS button. If you haven’t pressed the WPS button, you can repeat these steps.

When the printer is connected to the wireless connection, the blue illumination on the panel for control glows brightly.

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Method 2. Configure up the HP Tango printer using the HP Smart App

Utilizing HP Smart or the HP Smart app, connect your printer to your wireless network via an operating system like Windows 10, macOS, or an Android or Apple mobile phone.

Configure HP’s Tango printer The directions can be completed using the help of an Android smartphone.

1. Turn on Bluetooth for the Android smartphone.

Step 2: Install and download HP Smart

Step 3. Hold the wireless button on the back of the printer for five seconds.

Step 4: Open HP Smart on your Android mobile device and select Pluto’s icon to install your printer.

5. Select the printer you want to use (printer name contains setup” and the model number, like HP-Setup 1F_Tango_X).

Step 6: Enter the WEP and the WPA password (network password).

7. Once the printer is connected with a wireless network, the blue light on the wireless network comes on.

The exact sequence of steps can be executed by using iOS smartphones, Windows 10, and macOS devices.

Method 3. Set up HP Tango printer using WiFi Direct (Windows 8, 7,)

This connection method is utilized when a local wireless network is not accessible to print guest prints. Choose Print using WiFi Direct option to set the printer connection on your Windows.

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