Wednesday, July 17, 2024

14 Time Saving iPhone Tips for New Users – Time Hack


Apple devices tend to work hand in hand with comfort and technology and are one of the best gadgets available in the digital arena. The ones who use iPhones can feel the difference. All the features and functions offered by the iPhone devices are unique and provide a fantastic experience to their users.

This article will discuss a few tips and tricks that will enable iPhone users to explore their smartphones and make the most out of them.

Configure Customize Alerts

The iPhone lets you know who is trying to get in touch without looking at your screen. You can set a sound as your message alerts. 

In addition, you can personalize the message or call alerts from your family members and near ones. It can also help you to differentiate between professional and personal calls.

Downloading Messages from iPhone

One way to share the message thread is to screenshot the entire message thread to create its file. This may take a long time, so there is an alternative to download messages from the iphone

You can select the entire message thread and copy each text in the form of a PDF or any other document.

Use a Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is a feature developed for people with average sight. You can use your phone as a magnifier to help you zoom through the text. 

Apart from zooming in on text, the magnifier can also take photos, adjust the camera settings, and access a flashlight on the device.

Utilize Voice Assistant

Siri is another feature that triggers excitement for the new iPhone user. The surprising thing is that you can teach Siri and command it accordingly. You can alter the settings to call you with a specific name and teach Siri to pronounce your name.

Connect AirPods

You can connect two pairs of AirPods with your device on the same machine. 

It is a great feature that enables you to enjoy your favorite playlist of music or podcasts fully. You may also enjoy a good movie or web series with your travel buddy.

Update Apps at Once

The usual way to update applications on a device is by doing it manually. 

Your iPhone also integrates a feature that lets you update multiple applications with just a click. iOS can keep your functioning apps updated and work efficiently.

Shortcut to Photo Album

Your gallery lands you on the latest photos you have captured on your device. 

You would need a lot of scrolling to find what you are looking for on your phone. With a single tap on the iPhone screen, you can go to the top of the album.

Optimize Charging 

You can enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone, which helps you optimize charging, and it helps to increase the battery backup while making your iPhone more productive. 

Tweaking the battery settings can make your phone charge slower, keeping the battery healthy and increasing its durability.

Turn Into a TV Remote

You can use your iPhone device as a remote control for your Apple TV. Sit back and control your TV with the help of a few clicks from the mobile phone. Apple thrives and adds comfort to the lives of its users.

Hide Photos in Album

You may wish to keep some moments private. Your iPhone has a feature that allows you to hide photos within your gallery. 

It is possible to get the hidden photos back into the photo album, and you will find all of those photos in the hidden photos folder.

Use Spotlight for Math

Spotlight is another tool on your iPhone that helps you search for files and documents from the phone. 

Not only has this can, the spotlight feature also assists you with math problems, and you can do the unit conversions on your device.

Use Camera as Scanner

Most users are unfamiliar with the feature that allows them to use their device as a scanner. 

You can use it to scan QR codes while making payments or to search for something else with the help of a QR code. The iPhone can also scan documents and pdf with just a tap on the camera icon.

Add Multiple Face IDs

Apple offers considerably secure devices in comparison to other brands. You can enjoy the feature of adding a FaceID on your phone. 

To unlock your iPhone, it is possible to add multiple faces as the FaceID. 

FaceTime With Friends

Many video calling applications are now available to connect with your friends. FaceTime is Apple’s native application that helps you connect with other iPhone users over a video call. 

The newer versions have great video quality, and you can add multiple participants to your call. 

The Conclusion

Apart from the best smartphone available, the iPhone is a comprehensive device that works as a magnifying glass, scanner, remote control, calculator, and much more. 

Although it comes at a hefty price, the comfort, features, functioning, and user experience it offers are worth the investment.