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How to Remove Canon Printer Error Code 5100?


Canon is the top-rated name for printers. Millions of people worldwide purchase and use Canon Printers for office and home use. The printers of Canon are equipped with the latest technology, and the printers made for use in homes and offices come with a variety of features. Like every other machine or Printer, occasionally, you will encounter issues or errors when using Your Canon printers. Canon Printer Error Code 5100 is one of those errors that is frequent and widely reported by users across the globe.

The Canon Printer Error Code 5100 indicates the presence of an issue with the ink carriage. Most often, something is blocking the carriage of the cartridge. Therefore, Error 5100 could be due to a carriage error. It is usually corrected by using the Service mode and flushing the Printer’s head when blocked. Don’t worry about it if you’re having the same issue with your Canon printer. The following blog will provide simple steps to eliminate the error code. If you find that the abovementioned advice does not work for you, you can get the most reliable and trustworthy Canon Help at home. This will provide you with the most efficient solution.

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Why do I see the Canon Error 5100 on the Printer?

Let’s explore the root causes of Canon errors with printers 5100 before fixing it. A thorough understanding of this error’s cause will help you not only to fix it but will aid in preventing further errors from occurring.

1. If you do not keep your Canon printing equipment’s outer surfaces free of dirt and dust could cause this error message.

2. The inability to keep the insides on your Canon printer tidy could be the second most common reason behind the 5100 error.

3. This error message is if the cartridge for your Canon printer isn’t genuine.

4. Do you wash the print head of your Printer often? If not, your Printer is likely to be infected by the error.

5. Make sure that the paper you’re making use of is the right dimension and weight—otherwise, the chance of 5100 errors increases.

6. This error code is identified when the cartridge on your machine hasn’t been properly installed.

7. Anything that gets stuck in your Printer may be the reason for the error code 5100.

8. Obstacles that are not wanted in the path of your machine could cause a variety of errors, and the error 5100 is just one such error.

9. The 9th cause of this code error is a defective FINE cartridge or a FINE cartridge that isn’t authentic.

10. The most likely cause for this error could result from an issue affecting the absorber on your Printer.

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Steps To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Follow the instructions below carefully to fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100 on Your Canon printer. Be sure to keep your eyes on the following points:

Make sure there is no paper jam inside The Printer.

If you printed something and error 5100 from the Canon printer was displayed while printing, it could mean that your paper has become stuck. You must clear the jammed paper inside the Printer.

Check For Paper Jam In Sheet Feeder Tray. If You Find Any Paper stuck there, gently pull The Paper With Both Hands, or the paper could tear off.

  1. Then, open the cover for the Printer’s output and Make Sure There’s Nothing of paper inside.
  2. Unlock the Printer Back Panel and Verify if The Paper Is In the Printer or Not.
  3. You can now load the paper in the Feeder Tray
  4. Reset the Power and Start The Printer. If there is still Paper Jamming, It will automatically come out.

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Reset The Ink Cartridge

The ink cartridge in the Printer could be the reason you be experiencing a Canon Printer Error Code 5100 error. Because of improper placement, the cartridge’s ink may prevent the Printer from operating effectively and cause an error code 5100. To fix this issue, you need to open the back of the Printer and then reset the cartridge.

Reset Your Canon Printer

Setting up your Canon printer is another option to remove the 5100 error message. Learn how to get rid of error 5100 from your Canon Printer by resetting it with six easy steps.

1. Shut off the Canon printer.

2. Unplug the power cable from the Canon printer.

3. Take a moment to wait for a few minutes.

4. Connect the power cable to your Canon printer.

5. Start your device, and press its “Resume” button at the same time.

6. Release your “Resume” button when the illumination of your device comes on.

Then you will notice that your Canon printer should have successfully restarted. If you print the command, your error 5100 should not cause problems.

Clean Dust in the Printer

Be careful to ensure that we keep our Canon printer free from dust, ink, dirt, and other particles. This can result in Canon Printer Error 5100. Cleaning your Printer can solve the problem, and it is better to clean your Printer regularly. To clean your Canon printer correctly, you must first shut off the Printer.

Get a wet, slightly damp cloth and scrub the Printer outside. Rubbish alcohol and cloths that are lint-free can wash the inside. It is recommended to use a gentle hand and not force cleaning tasks within the Printer. If you’d like, you can utilize a hand-held vacuum cleaner that can wash the Printer’s surfaces.

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Clean The Strip for Printing Strip:

The strip for printing is a white plastic substance within the Printer located just above the belt drive. It’s transparent and plays a vital part in printing. If you’re experiencing this error, examine the strip to determine if it’s clean or dirty. If there’s dirt or ink on the strip, you should clean it right away using a soft, dry cloth.

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