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How to Fix Norton Error 8504, 104 in Windows or Mac?


If we discuss the best security software available on the market, Norton antivirus is one of the most effective antiviruses. It is famous for its reliability and security. Device. The robust firewall part of Norton antivirus earned the status as the most efficient security to your system. It continuously monitors your network and stops any harmful content entering or exiting your device. With the Norton Security firewall, you can browse the web.

Norton offers a variety of premium features such as an effective scanner tool Norton VPN, parental control, password management, and password manager. To safeguard your information. Norton’s security-conscious interface ensures that you can use the antivirus at any point. Norton users are not likely to encounter a compile-time error while using Norton. If we talk about problems with runtimes, Norton 360 Error 8504 The error 104 is standard, and numerous users have encountered this. This is a significant issue that should be resolved promptly.

Common causes of being notified of Norton Internet Security Error 8504 and 104

Norton Error 8504 is a runtime error that can occur for many reasons. If you see an error message when installing Norton the setup, it may be an issue during the installation or configuration. An incomplete or corrupted installation is one of the possible reasons for Norton Security Error 8504. If you’re encountering this error after installing new software on your computer, It could be because your application conflicts with Norton. Complete Norton files or malicious software may result in errors during running.

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Simple solutions resolve Norton Security Error 8504 104

In most cases, issues during runtime can be quickly fixed after the system is restarted. If you’re experiencing the same problem, close any running programs and reboot your system. If you’re experiencing the same issue, Try the suggestions below to fix the problem. Norton Error 8504:

Remove all garbage from the device.

The junk files such as temporary caches, cookies, temporary caches. It can take up space and create problems. The junk that you place in your device is often. To solve Norton Error 8504 104; eliminate the waste by using Cleanup: Disk Cleanup:

  1. Select on Start to begin.
  2. Enter the command in your search box
  3. Use the ctrl and shift keys together, and then press enter.
  4. Click the “yes” button in the pop-up box.

Cleanmgr in the command prompt, then press the Enter number.

  1. It will start by calculating the space that is being occupied.
  2. You will get a list of things you can remove from the device.
  3. Pick all files you wish to use as temporary files
  4. Select OK and confirm.
  5. Restart your device, and then try accessing Norton’s security software.
  6. Make sure to reverse the changes made recently.

If you’re encountering an error message from Norton Security when installing software on your PC or program, You can use Windows undo tool to repair the device. Follow the steps below to perform restore your system:

  1. Start menu
  2. Search for a System restore
  3. Input admin credentials

Follow the instructions displayed on your screen. Follow the screen instructions, and the device will be restored. Other solutions to fix the problem of Norton errors with antivirus 8504 may include

  • updating the driver for your device on your PC,
  • improving registry entries by using tools to look over system files,
  • installing Norton, and
  • others.