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How To Fix “Kindle Paperwhite Stuck on Tree Screen” Issue?


Kindle paperwhite is best known for being the smallest and lightest light yet. It is easy to learn on kindle paperwhite even under bright sunlight with a lightless display.

Some of the new and advanced features of kindle paperwhite include smooth textures, waterproof technology, and expanded storage to hold multiple jokes, magazines, or audiobooks. If you have been using your kindle paperwhite for some time, other problems may arise, and the most common of them is to burn paperwhite trapped on a tree screen.

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Causes of End of Paperwhite Stuck:

Page freezing is not just a sudden mistake. These technical problems or neglect can occur in the following ways: –

Processor Load Increases:

Kindle paperwhite is often frozen when the processor load exceeds the limited memory.


If you have not been able to put your kindle down since you found out the lack of time to relax and make energy-efficient is dangerous to the device.

Dead battery:

Any battery used for a long time will start to cause problems. This is because, over time, the battery quality decreases.

Download continuously:

If you try to download a larger file, it may cause tree screen freezing problems.

Fix Kindle Paperwhite Stuck In Tree Screen Problem:

Now that we have looked inside to see why the kindle paperwhite is stuck on a tree screen, we will now move on to another kind of solid-screen kindle paperwhite solution:

Check the battery:

If the battery is outdated, you will need to call a professional to repair it. You may even consider getting a completely new device because it will cost you a lot of the same.

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Hold the Power Button:

When you restart your device, you need to hold the power button. There is no set time limit.

Just press the power button until you see three options appear on the screen:

Take a break



Press Reset:

Select the reset option from the pop-up options that appear on your screen. 


Once your device has started the reboot process, you need to give it a few minutes until your device has finished downloading.

Solutions to the problem:

Resetting the kindle paperwhite is usually a surefire way to shoot. But if, for some reason, you are not using it, you can use the following troubleshooting options for lighting:

Squeeze the battery:

Keep the device “on” and use it until the battery is completely drained and the device is switched off.

Charge overnight

When you run out of battery, leave the phone to charge overnight. You can restart the device the next day when the device is charged.

Use Grace Charger:

When using the kindle, always charge it with a charger of the first type. Replacing the charger may damage the battery.

Use a Kindle Power Adapter:

For best results and faster charging, use a power-type adapter.

Renewal of Grace:

Make a Mercy update to ensure you are not using an older version.

Delete Unwanted Files:

Remove all unnecessary files from your device to ensure the processor is not overloaded. Delete files:

Great size

There is no help anymore

You will never open it or see it

Not supported by the device

Avoid downloading:

Make sure you have a backup of your files when deleting them either in cloud storage or simply moving to another device.

Restart your Kindle Paperwhite:

To restart the kindle paperwhite, follow the given steps.

Press the power button

Wait until the screen is empty. Do not release the power button.

Release the power button after the expiration of 30 seconds.

Wait until the device completes the process, and the charging lights are back on.

Power cycle:

Another similar and effective way to restart your device is to do a power cycle. To do so, follow these steps:

Disconnect the charging cable from your device.

Keep the power button pressed for 25 seconds

Wait until the program starts.

Hard reset:

Perform a hard reset which means restarting the device. Even more extreme, it is the most effective method for any paper-related problem.

From home, on the screen menu, select “Settings.”

From settings, option select menu in the top right corner

Tap on “Reset” to perform a hard reset on your device.

Get Replacement:

If the device is a completely lost cause, the best solution is to get a replacement.

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