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Brother Airprint Printer Not Found – Troubleshoot guide


Before we start anything, let’s understand what Airprint is? Airprint is a useful app for all Apple users. This application allows you to print from an iOs or MAC device. This application is built only within the most popular printer models.

However, sometimes there is an error in the display – ‘No AirPrint Printer Found’. It simply means that you are trying to print a document from another application using the print button. IOs never allow a printer to print this way.

You have nothing to worry about because it is a well-known printer problem. This is one of the main reasons why Brother Printer support will help you in guiding how to fix these errors.

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How Can You Solve a Brother Airprint Printer Unused?

  • The first step is to make sure your Airprint is enabled.
  • Brother Printer Helpline Support has its website set up for the popular printer – Embedded Web Server.
  • You must turn it on to check that your Airprint is enabled.
  • In the wireless print menu, you will find the IP address of the printers.
  • Open Safari browser on your Apple device.
  • You must type in an IP address and search for it.
  • After that go and open EWS.
  • Now, enter your printers’ IP address.
  • Click on tap network and click on Airprint and then click on status.
  • The EWS web server will redirect to a secure page message on the iOs device.
  • If this connection is not in the private window, click the button – show details.
  • Tap the button to visit the website to know the Airprint status settings.
  • You will receive an EWS connection message on the IOs device.
  • If the situation is off you should turn it on.
  • Print a document using the Airprint app.

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Why Brother Airprint Printer Does Not Work from Your Mobile Device

  • Your first step is to check whether the flight mode is off or not. Because if it works then no signal can be received from your apple phone.
  • The second step is to check if the Wi-Fi connection is turned on or not.
  • Connect your brother’s printer to the network.
  • To connect your printer to a network you must first turn it off and turn it on again.
  • After a few seconds, your printer will connect to the network.
  • The final step is to make sure that your PC or laptop is connected to your printer network.

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How to Know if AirPrint is present in your printer or not

  • To check whether your printer supports Airprint or not, you will need to go through the manufacturer’s information.
  • You should follow some of these steps:
  • Make sure you enable settings on your printer.
  • (Note: If that setting is disabled you will not be able to print with Apple Airprint.)
  • Now, confirm your Bonjour package support packages.
  • Computer and printer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Wait a few seconds after turning off Wi-Fi in the control center.
  • Open it.
  • Now, switch to your iDevice Wi-Fi and set the bandwidth range between 2.4 Hz to 5 GHz or vice versa.
  • You must turn off Flight mode and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Now, you should update your DNS settings to and or another public DNS.
  • While printing you should disable the firewall.
  • The final step is to install your printer’s program and try to print using a sharing sheet.

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