Sunday, June 23, 2024

“Take That Pope Francis”: Twitter's Blue Check Purge Begins


In January, the Republican National Convention to plead The party to “go on the crime” against abortion rights and pass new restrictions including a six-week ban. But now, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel has begun asking candidates to roll back the 15-week ban instead. According to Post, She doesn’t believe six-week restrictions are popular or helpful to the GOP (she’s right). And even a 15-week ban is difficult: Last year, when Senator Lindsey Graham City: A federal 15-week abortion ban passed just before the midterms, a move criticized by many of his colleagues. The bill never made it to the Senate floor.

After the initial mifepristone regime, only a handful Republicans reacted, most with evasive answers that sought to divert attention to other issues. Presidential candidate Nikki Haley has typically taken an odd stance designed not to alienate anyone. He Is said She is “pro-life” but “doesn’t judge anyone who makes a pro-choice.” Another candidate, Tim Scott, struggled to form a coherent sentence about abortion rights last week but ultimately he said supports Will consider a federal ban on abortion after 20 weeks and a ban on 15 weeks.

Simply put, abortion Victory Election. every time issue related to abortion has been on the ballot, people vote in favor Protecting reproductive rights, not taking them away. The Republicans Should Know This, But They Don’t Want To Take It Apart A third of Americans who still oppose abortion rights. So instead of solving the problem, they are hiding their heads in the sand.