Sunday, June 23, 2024

Supreme Court temporarily bans the use of abortion pills


Supreme Court on Friday Maintained nationwide reach The abortion pill for mifepristone—at least for the time being.

It’s In Its First Big Weigh-In Since Flipping Roe v. Wade, The court blocked an earlier ruling by Texas US District Judge Matthew Kaczmarik that would have overturned the FDA’s approval of the drug. The Supreme Court issued a summary emergency action against Kaczmarić’s decision and did not specify why they had stayed his decision. However, continued litigation of the case is expected in the coming months, and it is likely that the judges will retain the status quo to allow themselves time to consider their next steps.

However, this Supreme Court decision means mifepristone will remain on the market for the foreseeable future, and marks a significant victory for the Biden administration, which has since fought to codify abortion rights. Roe v. Wade Was overturned. The court’s decision means that mifepristone will also be available by mail and to take it at home up to 10 weeks of pregnancy, nbc news informed of.

In a statementPresident Biden praised the court’s decision, saying that Kaczmarik’s decision “undermines the FDA’s medical judgment and puts women’s health at risk.”

The liberal-leaning decision was made despite the fact that the Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative majority. However, two conservative justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, issued a dissenting opinion.

While Thomas did not explain his reasoning, Alito issued a dissenting opinion, claiming that the public would not have been harmed if the court had allowed Kaczmarić’s decision. Alito wrote, “It would simply restore the conditions that existed (and the government defended) under three presidential administrations from 2000 to 2016.” Washington Post, Alito said that the Kacsmaryk decision “will not express any view on the merits of the question whether the FDA acted lawfully in any of its actions with respect to mifepristone.”