Monday, April 22, 2024

Speedrunners trying to break 'The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'


to average player, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will take over 50 hours To beat—that is, complete the game’s main story and save Hyrule. In a moving community? A little over 60 minutes. For regular players, winning tears of the kingdom It’s all about diligence, patience and creative crafting. For speedrunners, it’s all about using every tool at their disposal to push the limits of what the latest Zelda allows. His is a game of strategy, where each player is competing against himself to act fast and smart.

first to claim victory, Carl Wernicke, who goes gymnast86 Online is from the US and set the record for her community with a time of 1:34:33. He has a decades-long history of trying to beat Zelda games as fast as possible. “It’s a completely different experience than playing the game casually, and it’s possible to do both,” Wernicke says. “I very much enjoyed my casual exploration of the game and will probably continue to enjoy it when I get around to [completely] I am completing it.

In a video posted on May 12, which he (correctly) guesses will soon be out of date, Wernick gave the players a brief rundown of how he pulled off his record. He explains what weapons he sought, what parts he needed in order to use the game’s fuse tool, and how he defeated each boss; Tried and true mistakes from previous games, breath of the wild, are not present here, meaning Wernick whips through his run without the use of any glitches or amiibo (which unlock helpful rewards like weapons or the trusty steed Epona). Instead, the time he spent refining his route was mostly about boss fights – how to tackle each one “in a way that will yield decently consistent results without sacrificing too much time.”

But Wernicke wants to make one thing clear. “The biggest misconception of all time is that somehow I must have done this run right when the game was released without any prior rehearsal or forethought,” he says. “While that would be very impressive, this is not the case.”

Wernicke has already been submerged for 35 hours or more tears of the kingdom Till he got his run out. He not only played the leaked version of the game, but bought it through the Australian eShop to get ahead of some players, and bought a physical copy to find out the load times between formats. Moreover, being a sequel the game also worked in its favor. “I didn’t have to use a fundamentally different system to get around well in this sport,” he says. The basic mechanics and controls were already old hat.

tears of the kingdom Director Hidemaro Fujibayashi says the team’s hopeful players will try to circumvent the path laid out for them. For example, if a player finds a way to dive directly into Hyrule Castle, it may break the game. While it’s possible someone could pull it off, Fujibayashi says, it’s “still in the range of what we expected as a possible outcome. We’ve built the game so it doesn’t break completely, but I think that this is a possible location.