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Sevilla vs Manchester United: Europa League quarter-finals, second leg – Live | Europa League


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VAR saved Manchester United! It turned out that Acuña was offside as he had been played down the left wing. It’s roughly an inch, but offside offside. United breathe again!

Casemiro takes possession cheaply. N-Nesri slips Acuna down the left into space. Acuña cuts back to Ocampos, coming in from the right. Ocampos sets himself up and lashes with the top right. so easy!

39 minutes: Lamela slotted Suso down the right into the United box. Suso has time to line up a curler in the top left. He attacks Lindelof directly and claims a penalty for handball out of embarrassment more than anything else. He can’t find one. But it doesn’t matter, because…

38 minutes: Lamela attempts a sidefooted shot to the bottom right from the edge of the box. Easy for De Gea.

37 minutes: Rakitic and Lamela nearly opened up United’s inside-right channel. not enough. Sevilla come in again, Acuña crossing from the left, Lindelof going clear. United are already in the half-time area.

35 minutes: Antony glides to the right and swings for Casemiro. He goes over the bar from ten yards out. The cross is a little too high for Casemiro, who loves a header. Still, it’s as good as United has served up so far.

33 minutes: The pace of the match has dropped a lot. Perhaps good news for United, who have been second so far.

31 minutes: United have so far enjoyed 54 per cent possession. They haven’t hired Bono yet.

29 minutes: Marcao goes down feeling his hamstring. He eventually wakes up and bursts into tears. Suso comes to his place.

27 minutes: Gudelj Rabona crosses in style. Acuña heads down and finds Ocampos from about six yards out. De Gea assembles, just in time. Sevilla is enjoying.

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25 minutes: Your judgment has come on Maguire, and it doesn’t bode well for the United captain. In ascending order of aggressiveness: “completely mindless” (Nigel Moore), “an idiot” (Richard Jay); “Absolute Submeccano” (Mathieu Lisaght); “A Todd Bohli kind of player” (Jeff Sachs). Ow

‘Todd, you really need to spend big on Maguire in the summer’. Photograph: Chris Lee/Chelsea FC/Getty Images

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23 minutes: Sancho dribbles in from the left and lays down to Antony, whose shot is blocked by his own man, Sabitzer. The ball pinged straight to Wan-Bissaka, who dribbled a tame shot straight at Bono. Better than United.

21 minutes: Stefan Kruger reports, “You can see Harry Maguire asking De Gea to pass the ball.” “He’s really a liability.” And with precise timing, the TV replays footage of Maguire doing exactly that. oh harry Mind you, Robbie Savage is not one to turn, still blaming Di Gea for listening to his keeper in the first place, looking across the pitch in front of the keeper.

Harry Maguire is the most expensive defender in the world. Photograph: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters

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19 minutes: Ocampos crosses in from the right. Dalot is right next to him. The ball clipped Dalot’s hand and headed for the corner… but once again the referee and linesman did a number on the hosts. They get neither a corner nor a penalty (the latter would have been stupidly harsh due to the proximity) and it’s just a goal kick. There would have been United Hearts in the mouth for a second.

17 minutes: A long pass down the middle creates more confusion between de Gea and Maguire. The former runs out of his box clearly intent on cursing; The latter gets away at the cost of one throw. Sevilla’s attack then fails, but United cannot continue like this, or it won’t be long before another goal is served up on the plate.

16 minutes: Antony is down the right and wins a free kick from Acuña, who handballed the ball while trying to keep it from going out for a corner. Sevilla had no problems with Eriksen’s delivery.

Darkness descends on Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan as Sevilla lead. Photograph: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters

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15 min: Sevilla pinged the ball. Rakitic attempts to play Ocampos down the inside-left, only to be clipped from behind by Wan-Bissaka. There’s no need for that challenge, and it’s a free kick in an extremely dangerous position… but United get away with it, Rakitic robbing deftly into the wall.

14 minutes: On BT Sport, co-commentator Robbie Savage is placing most of the blame for the goal on De Gea. “In what world do you play out your center half, who has the body position completely wrong, surrounded by players?” He suggests that Wan-Bissaka wide out was a better option. It’s hard to argue.

12 minutes: Rakitic channels his inner David Beckham by pinging the ball over De Gea’s head and into the net. But it won’t count. The whistle had blown, possession had been forcibly taken away from Antony. United, however, suddenly look around the store.

Ten minutes: Can’t understand why De Gea made that dangerous pass down the middle. Maguire was immediately put on the spot, and came up dangerously wrong. a complete nuisance. Such a nice finish by An-Nesri though.

United hit a bomb note here, all right. De Gea plays to Maguire, who is quickly surrounded by Lamela and N-Nesri. The former blocks, the latter picks up the rebound, opens his body, and slots into the bottom left. simple as that. What a calamitous error by both the keeper and centre-back.

Youssef An-Nesri celebrates in front of the home fans. Photograph: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters Harry Maguire gives the ball away on the edge of the box and Youssef En-Nesri pounces to open the scoring for Sevilla. Photograph: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters

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7 minutes: United press Sevilla back, but the home side hold a firm shape. Antony tries to break the play from right to left, but his raking pass narrowly escapes Sancho and goes into the stands. Here’s Justin Kavanagh: “Bono’s Latest Autobiography Is surrender, The last release of Antony (formerly Antony and the Johnsons) was called Disappointment, Reading its musical tea leaves indicates there will be plenty of bomb notes ahead tonight.

5 minutes: Ericsson scored a free kick in the mixer. Bono punches clear at six yards without any pressure. Strange that no one in red clothes reacted to the dangerous delivery.

4 minutes: Marco’s shoulder blocked Sabitzer with such force that the United midfielder flew into the dugout seats. He needs some attention. Maguire is not happy about the challenge, which was rated zero, and tells the referee as much. However the booking is not done.

2 minutes: Bono’s hacked clearance goes straight to Eriksen, who sets up Sancho on the left. Sancho has options, but after misreading Martial’s run, rolls the ball out for a goal kick.

1 minute: Sevilla are immediately on the front foot, with Rakitic driving down the left and winning a corner over Wan-Bissaka. The home side do not get their reward, however, as the referee incorrectly signals a goal kick. Rakitic is not happy.

United gets the ball rolling. Noise, noise! “I don’t care exactly who wins,” begins Charles Antaki, “but if the award goes to the name of the stadium with the best font, Sevilla’s Hispano-Art Deco lettering dull old by an aesthetic mi’ Old Trafford’. Maybe use that instead of a penalty shoot-out?”

Teams are out! Sevilla Sport White with Red trim. Manchester United also wear their first choice of gear… almost, tonight the red shirts are paired with black shorts. Ramón Sánchez-Pizzuan is providing quite the atmosphere you’d expect for a lovely European night out towards the business end of the season. We’ll be off in a few minutes, but in the meantime a dispatch has arrived from the stadium, courtesy of Niall O’Keefe. “Taken your seat quickly. Couldn’t get away tickets so quiet amongst Sevilla fans. Relatively. It’s 25 degrees centigrade which has to help the home team. United hoping for a win and Martial at club’s home stadium Will do brilliantly in where he was sent on loan.

Ten Haag also made reference to the scattering of bottles falling from the roof of the United coach during their approach to the Estadio Ramon Sánchez-Pizuan this evening. “I love it! I get even more hunger and motivation. You know something’s going on. A fight. That’s what you want as a team and as a player.”

Rolling out the red carpet in Seville style. Photograph: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters

Erik ten Haag talks to BT Sport. “If it’s 90 minutes or 120 minutes we’ve got to get there… we’ve got to play our best football… nobody deserves to play, you’ve got to deserve it and now they have the opportunity to earn it. ..everybody is in rhythm…some players get out and some take over and this is a great opportunity for them…we have to adapt the team because of injuries and suspensions…we need a tough opponent to bring down… they are more of an english team than a spanish team… i remain calm and with everyone i bring up because we have a strong team… to go There are six weeks, you have everything, then you can collect trophies…that’s all you want to be in this part of the season, in this position…it’s all about the silverware…now We have to complete it.

Sevilla made three changes to the starting XI sent to Old Trafford last week. Oliver Torres and Tanguy Nianzo, who go to the bench, and Jesus Navas, Loic Bade and Youssef N-Nesri come on for the suspended Gonzalo Montiel.

Manchester United made four changes to their line-up from the first leg. Three of them have been implemented, with Bruno Fernandes suspended, and Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martínez injured; They have been replaced by Christian Eriksen, Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof. Meanwhile at left back Diogo Dalot replaces Tyrrell Malassi, who slumps to the bench, and Marcus Rashford returns from injury but does not start.

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Seville: Bono, Navas, Bade, Marcao, Acuña, Gudelj, Fernando, Ocampos, Rakitic, Lamela, N-Nesri.
Subs: Dimitrovic, Flores, Telles, Rekic, Suso, Mir, Nianzo, Torres, Gomez, Gil.

Manchester United: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, Lindelof, Dalot, Eriksen, Casemiro, Sabitzer, Antony, Martial, Sancho.
Subs: Butland, Vitek, Rashford, Malacia, Fred, Shaw, Weghorst, Pellistri, Elanga, Iqbal.

Ref: Arthur Dias (Portugal)

Updated at 13.57 EDT

There are ways to overcome a two-goal lead, and there are ways to overcome a two-goal lead… And Manchester United’s attempt against Sevilla last week was in failure.

It is better to remember the goalscoring exploits of Marcel Sabitzer than the later antics of Tyrell Malaysia and Harry Maguire. The Austrian found the net twice early on as United threatened to take the tie away to Sevilla in short order. But the Spaniard is a previous Masters in this tournament, having won it a record six times, and dug in before a change of pace. And now look: Everything is almost perfectly balanced for the rip-roaring second leg. The semi-final against Juventus or Sporting CP awaits the winner. 9 p.m. in Seville, starting at 8 p.m. BST. it’s on!