Wednesday, June 19, 2024

'Rust' shooting charges against Alec Baldwin formally dropped in New Mexico, prosecutors cite 'new facts'


New Mexico prosecutors on Friday formally dismissed the charges against actor Alec Baldwin in connection with the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halina Hutchins on the set of their film “Rust” in 2021.

Baldwin was charged with involuntary manslaughter “before new facts emerged that demanded further investigation and forensic analysis could not be met before a scheduled preliminary hearing on May 3,” according to a filing By Special Prosecutors Jason Lewis and Mari Morrissey.

The brief filing did not say what “new facts” prompted the case to be pulled.

Prosecutors had dismissed the case “without prejudice”, meaning that any new evidence could lead them to file charges again.

Actor Alec Baldwin attends BUILD Series on October 21, 2019 in New York.Jim Spellman / Getty Images File

Even though Baldwin is not held accountable in a criminal trial, Gloria Allred, the attorney representing Hutchins’ loved ones, said her civil complaint against the actor will continue.

“Despite the prosecutor’s decision to dismiss the criminal charge against Alec Baldwin without prejudice, the victims of Alec Baldwin whom we represent remain hopeful,” Allred said in a statement Friday. “Mr. Baldwin has tried, and he has failed, to have our civil case against him dismissed.”

Allred said: “He has stooped so low as to attack Halina Hutchins’ grieving mother, father and sister, to demand they hold her accountable for her part in Halina Hutchins’ death.”

While Baldwin appears to be off the hook for criminal charges, his former co-defendant Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, the armorer from the “Rust” set, is still being prosecuted. He is charged with involuntary manslaughter and his preliminary hearing was set for Friday, August 9.

Meanwhile, filming of “Rust” continued on Friday in Montana.

Director Joel Souza, who was injured in the 2021 shoot, has replaced “Rust” producer.

“My every effort on this film will be dedicated to honoring Halina’s legacy and making her proud.”

The makers have said that they are banning any arms and ammunition from working on the sets.