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Rescue dog 'so proud' after scoring impressive hockey goal


A sports-loving rescue dog was clearly delighted after scoring a well-timed hockey goal.

Darrell came as close as any canine to smiling after a job well done in a clip shared to Reddit by his owner, Hailey Adair, who lives in Seattle.

The video has proven popular among pet lovers and sports fans alike, but this isn’t the first time Darrell has attracted attention for his competitive spirit.

Posting under the handle Darrell the Sports Dog, the adorable pup has an Instagram following of over 40,000 users and is attracting interest on Reddit.

It’s totally deserved too, Darrell had a tough start in life as part of an abandoned litter of puppies. Adair was sent a video of the puppies by a co-worker who was volunteering at a rescue shelter.

Adair reported, “There were a bunch of puppies playing around, and there was a little boy in the corner staring at the wall, his name was Darrell.” newsweek, “We completed the adoption paperwork that day. It was love at first sight.”

While some may dismiss the idea, research shows that dogs can benefit from being involved in sports. In January, a study published in Journal of Veterinary Behavior concluded that this type of social exercise was highly effective in helping dogs overcome anxious behavior.

As part of the experiment, 1,308 nervous dogs were studied. The researchers concluded that social exercise was a highly effective treatment for dogs struggling with generalized anxiety disorder.

In Darrell’s case, her interest in sports has given not only herself but Adair and her husband a positive mental boost during the pandemic.

“When we were sent home from work in 2020, we decided we needed to do something to keep our minds and bodies active,” she said. “Naturally, my husband and I bought a skateboard for our dog. We found his loved Learning new things and was extremely food- and appreciation-inspired.”

After conquering skateboards and gaining Internet fame in the process, Adair said, they’ve been busy introducing Darrell to the joys of hockey.

“We started working on getting him a stick,He Dear Sticks,And finally going after the ball with the stick,” she said. “We practice about five minutes every day and always offer him the stick, so he decides whether he’s in the mood to play hockey or not. He knows how to grab a stick or a cup and bring it to me if he wants to play.”

If the video of Darrell scoring is seen, then all this practice seems to be paying off. The clip has already been upvoted more than 62,000 times, and Adair said he felt “very proud” after scoring. He added that Darrell was treated to some belly rubs and scratches along with a few screams of “good boy” after the cameras rolled.

Darrell was struggling to contain his excitement after scoring a hockey goal.
darrell the sports dog

A mixed-breed rescue dog, Darrell is part Pit Bull, Great Pyrenees, Collie, Australian Shepherd, Cattle Dog, and Cocker Spaniel. This may explain why he can bend his claws to do almost anything.

Adair said, “Darrell’s got over 100 tricks, like opening the fridge and getting a snack. Or ‘feet’, where we do a little dance together.” “More than anything, he loves trying out new sports. Skateboarding has always been a top favorite. He looks at peace and free when he rides his board. We also play basketball, soccer, baseball, and recently I found my love of retrieving tennis balls when my husband challenges me to a tennis match.”

When the friendly dog ​​isn’t playing sports, he loves joining Hailey and her husband as they explore the great outdoors and while they go to work.

“He loves greeting everyone on the promenade, going on hiking adventures, working with me, and providing emotional support to his co-workers and me,” Adair said. “And like doing our daily dealings with local businesses and the people driving our neighborhood garbage trucks.”

He’s not the first sports-loving dog to garner attention online. In Chile, a dog expressed displeasure after being run out onto the pitch of a soccer game and scoring a goal.

Closer to home, footage of a dog running alongside its owner on a treadmill proved popular. Then there’s the dog who figured out an ingenious way to get along.

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Posting under the handle Darrell the Sports Dog, the adorable pup has over 40,000 followers on Instagram