Friday, June 21, 2024

Republicans Must Have Booted Dianne Feinstein By Now


It can be difficult to maintain. With each passing day, some new piece of the culture-war ends up receiving the full force of the anger of the conservative movement. one week, they’re angry because a cartoon illustration of a candy Not sexually desirable. Next, They’ve Dreamed Something strange “awake” cooperation Between Wall Street and climate activists, investors are not bullish on the future of coal, for good reason, to explain the simple fact. And then there are the big hits: The 2020 election was stolen, the “deep state” is plotting against Republicans, the January 6th rioters are actually political prisoners.

Jordan’s Armaments Committee has been compared, by the far-right, to a repeat of the 1975 Church Committee, which investigated abuses by intelligence agencies. but as joshua zeitz explained in politicoThe comparison doesn’t stand. Where the Church Committee was a comprehensive bipartisan effort that brought genuine wrongdoing to light, Jordan has been tasked with filling in some sort of factual basis for the conservative movement’s canon of anti-reality doctrine.

Naturally, Jordan is hardly alone in this insane mission to find some sort of meat to stuff into these Noothburgers. This week, Tucker Carlson is dispelling far-right myths with his reel of footage from the January 6 riots to the riots obvious disappointment Of several Fox News employees as well as many senior Republicanslike Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Who said“In my view, it was a mistake by Fox News to portray this in a way that is completely different from what our chief law enforcement officer here at the Capitol thinks.”