Saturday, July 20, 2024

Republicans' big plan for 2024 is to make it harder for college kids to vote


Republicans know that most young voters do not support them. So instead of appealing to the next generation, the GOP has decided that the best course of action is to make it harder for young people to vote.

Top Republican Strategist cleta mitchell Reporter Lauren Windsor made a presentation at the RNC Donor Retreat over the weekend titled “A Level Playing Field for 2024.” Mitchell worked closely with former President Donald Trump to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and has continued to work closely with the Republican Party since Trump left office.

Leaked audio recordings of her presentation show Mitchell calling on the GOP to limit voting on college campuses, same-day voter registration, and automated mailing of ballots to registered voters. Young voters and the mail-in vote both skew Democratic.

“What are these young people trying to do that they do? They basically have polling places next to the student dorm, so all they have to do is get out of bed, vote and go back to bed,” Mitchell complained.

At one point in his presentation text, Michelle Insisted that his organization, the Election Integrity Network, is “not about winning campaigns.” But his presentation offered no other explanation for why campus and mail-in voting should be banned, and he also said the US election system should be saved “for Any candidate other than the Left has a chance of winning in 2024.”

Republicans are starting to see the writing on the wall, but they’re taking Distant wrong message. During the 2022 midterm, young voters Record numbers turned out and overwhelmingly voted Democratic. The GOP’s response was calls to raise the voting age.

rather than implementing policies about the things young people really care about – such as Environment protectionincreased abortion accessand LGBTQ rights—Republicans are taking that stance instead alienated Huge swathes of the new generation of voters. And then they get upset when the youth don’t support them.

It’s easy to mock the GOP on this, but it’s important to note that Michelle’s plan is terrible. This is a gross violation of voter rights. The Republican Party has not formally endorsed his plan, but they have not condemned it either.

Nonprofit Gen-Z for Change Slammed Michelle’s plan is “disgusting”.

“Republicans are active Trying to stifle our ability to participate in democracy, to create change in the world we live in,” the group tweeted.