Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Raquel Lewis' family calls FBI over death threats amid scandal


raquel-leviss-and-her-family-contacted-fbi-over-death-threats-7017759 Nicole Weingart / Bravo

Making a federal case. Raquel Lewis‘ Family contacts FBI amid death threats she receives response to affair with him tom sandoval,

The rep for the 28-year-old former pageant queen confirmed the news. us weekly on Friday, May 26, explaining that the reality star and her family were receiving “violent and graphic death threats online and over the phone.” Some of these threats were sent via social media, with one sender reportedly writing that they did not want to leave Lewis “alive and dispose of the body.”

Meanwhile, the FBI declined to confirm whether vanderpump rules Tara or her family was in touch with the agency. A spokesperson for the organization said, “The FBI neither confirms nor denies the investigation.” tmz, “Obviously, we review all allegations reported and encourage anyone who believes their life is in imminent danger to call 911.”

Lewis has been the target of public anger since it was reported that she and 40-year-old Sandoval were having an affair last year. On March 3, We Confirmed that the TomTom co-owner and longtime girlfriend ariana madix It is said to call it quits after nine years together over infidelity.

Shortly after the affair became public, Lewis filed a temporary restraining order. shayna shayClaiming the 38-year-old “Good Age Gold” songstress physically assaulted her after taping Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen,

“This case has been created by a known liar and cheater who has cheated all those close to him. Shayna never punched Raquel,” Shay’s attorney Neema Rahmani specifically mentioned We In a statement after Lewis’ court filing. “The black mark around his left eye has been there for months.”

Lewis later lifted the restraining order, but not until after the reunion taping on March 23, meaning that she and Shay could not be in the same room at the same time. As pump rule Viewers saw during Part 1 on Wednesday, May 24, Bravo producers resolved the problem by taking Lewis’s watch from the trailer while Shay was interviewed by the rest of the cast.

According to teasers for parts 2 and 3, Lewis will be replacing the “Shenanigans” podcast host in later group segments. host Andy Cohen Bravo also conducted personal interviews with Lewis, Sandoval and Maddix, 37, for the first time for the reunion.

Last month, Lewis checked himself into a mental health facility following the scandal. A rep for the California native confirmed We The Bravo star was in rehab in April, noting that she was undergoing treatment for substance abuse issues.

“Raquel and her family decided prior to discovering the relationship that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counselling,” a statement from the spokesperson said. “Raquel had previously planned to recruit herself vpr The reunion was taped on March 23. She was supposed to go to the pre-reunion, but decided she wanted to fulfill her filming commitment. Bravo and the production were aware and supportive of her journey towards better mental health.