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List of Suriname newspapers and news sites


A list of Suriname newspapers includes sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news and international news.

Suriname is one of the developing countries located in South America. The smallest country is rich in natural resources and rainforests.

About Suriname Newspapers

Suriname is a country located on the northeastern coast of South America. The country has a vibrant media industry, and newspapers play an essential role in providing news and information to the people of Suriname. There are many newspapers in Suriname, which provide news on a variety of topics including politics, business, sports, entertainment and local events.

De Waer Tijd is the oldest and most widely circulated newspaper in Suriname. Established in 1956, De Wer Tijd is published in Dutch and includes national and international news as well as culture, entertainment and lifestyle features. It has a reputation for being a reliable source of news and is respected by readers and journalists alike.

Another popular newspaper in Suriname is De West. Established in 2000, Day West is a daily newspaper covering national and international news as well as business, sports and entertainment. It is published in Dutch and has a strong online presence.

The Suriname Herald is a daily online newspaper covering national and international news as well as local events, business and sports. It is available in Dutch and English, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Other Suriname newspapers include The Times of Suriname, which is published in Dutch and covers news, politics, sports and entertainment, and Dagblad Suriname, which is published in Dutch and covers news, politics, business and sports. covers.

In addition to these mainstream newspapers, there are several community-based newspapers in Suriname, which provide news and information to specific communities. For example, Apintie is a newspaper that caters to the Creole community, while Parbode is a monthly magazine that covers news, culture and lifestyle for the English-speaking community in Suriname.

Overall, Suriname newspapers play an important role in informing and educating the people of Suriname. They provide a wide variety of news and information with different interests and communities in mind. With the development of digital media, many newspapers in Suriname have also expanded their online presence, making news and information more accessible to people throughout the country and beyond.

top suriname newspapers

Below mentioned are the top Suriname newspapers in Dutch language.

de ware tized

De Vare Tijd is one of the largest daily broadsheet formatted Surinamese newspapers operating in Paramaribo and was established in 1957.


Waterkant is a leading Dutch-language daily newspaper based in Rotterdam, Netherlands and also available to readers in Suriname.

Suriname Herald

The Suriname Herald is a Paramaribo-based newspaper available in English and Dutch languages ​​that provides national and international news.

SR News

SR Nieuws is a Surinamese newspaper featuring news on health, education, business, culture and lifestyle in Dutch and English languages.

radio upinti

Radio Apintie broadcasts Suriname online news, local news, regional news, community news, entertainment shows and events for the country.

Times of Suriname

The Times of Suriname is an English language newspaper among South American newspapers providing business news, finance, global economy and analytical news.

Dagblad Suriname

Dagblad Suriname is a news portal among Suriname newspapers that publishes Suriname news now, Suriname news today and South American news.

Algemeene Televisie Verjorging (ATV)

Algemene Televisie Verzorging broadcasts country news, Suriname news now, Suriname news today, South American news, cultural news and programs.


Parbode is a widely known daily newspaper among South American newspapers in the Dutch language based in Paramaribo.

Suriname View

Suriname Find information, political articles, trending topics and reports on discussions in the English language relevant to the people of Suriname.

BBC News – Country profile: Suriname

BBC News is an international broadcaster that covers news and updates from different countries including Suriname News Now and Suriname News Today.


Kulturu is an online newspaper in Suriname that features the latest news, breaking news and trending news from the Netherlands, Suriname and global updates.

Hence, Suriname newspapers give 24/7 updates on Suriname news, Netherlands news and international issues.

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questions to ask

Q: What are some popular newspapers in Suriname?

A: Some of the popular newspapers in Suriname include De Vare Tijd, Times of Suriname, De West, Dagblad Suriname and the Suriname Herald.

Q: In which language are the newspapers of Suriname published?

A: Suriname newspapers are published in Dutch and Sranan Tongo (Surinamese Creole), with some also including English and Hindi.

Q: How often are Suriname newspapers published?

A: Most newspapers in Suriname are published daily, although some may be published less frequently, such as weekly or bi-weekly.

Q: Are Suriname newspapers available online?

A: Yes, many newspapers in Suriname have an online presence and present their content through their websites or social media pages.

Q: What type of news can be found in Suriname newspapers?

A: Suriname newspapers cover a wide range of topics including local and international news, politics, sports, entertainment, business and culture.

Q: Can I subscribe to Suriname News Today outside the country?

A: Yes, many Suriname newspapers offer online subscription that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: Is The Times of Suriname a reliable source of information?

A: Most Suriname newspapers are reputable sources of information and adhere to journalistic standards, but it is always important to critically evaluate the information presented and seek multiple sources.

Q: How do I submit a news story or article to a Suriname newspaper?

A: You can contact the editorial team of the newspaper you are interested in submitting to, either through their website or by email, to inquire about their submission guidelines and process.

Q: Are there any Suriname newspapers that focus on a specific topic or demographic?

A: Yes, there are some Suriname newspapers that specialize in covering a particular topic or demographic, such as the Suriname Indian community or the entertainment industry.