Monday, April 22, 2024

Lauren Boebert tells Democrats to use Earth Day to 'divide'


Republican Representative Lauren Boebert rebuked Democrats and climate-change activists on Twitter, saying they use Earth Day – a holiday aimed at gathering support for environmental protection – to create a wedge in society.

“On this Earth Day, let’s always remember to appreciate this incredible world that God has given us,” he tweeted on Saturday. Boebert tweeted, “Liberals will try to make this day about climate change to divide us. Let’s focus on appreciating we are good stewards of what God has given us.”

Conservatives often oppose what they see as the “climate agenda”. However, the researchers say the climate-change threat is real and warn of such extreme weather patterns in the future, such as the bomb cyclone that devastated California or the Mississippi tornado that killed 23 people. happened.

A UN official said last year the findings of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) study are evidence that the world is on the “fast track” to a climate disaster.

Despite dire warnings, Boebert, whose anti-climate change comments have been documented for years, continues to cause division on social media. His Earth Day tweet, which garnered nearly 2,000 comments as of Saturday night, drew criticism, with many urging outspoken congressmen to stop the divisiveness.

God wants us to take care of this earth and we are not doing it. Just stop with continuous division. I believe Jesus said to love one another as I have loved you. Live by his example.

— tmjestic ???? (@soapmaker10) April 23, 2023

newsweek Saturday contacted representatives for Boebert via email.

Earlier this year, Boebert joked during a House committee hearing about how she is not a climate change denier, adding that she recognizes climate change with each season. The joke appears to be a favorite of his, having used it several times in the past.


A Getty stock photo of Representative Lauren Boebert. The Congresswoman tweeted that Democrats use Earth Day to “use this day to divide us about climate change.”
Kevin Diesch/Getty Images

Boebert has often drawn the ire of climate change activists, most notably in 2021 when he introduced a bill to block President Joe Biden from rejoining the US Paris Agreement, an international treaty on climate change. Boebert has previously opposed Biden’s cautious policies on fossil fuel use, saying he is fueling environmental extremists. Afterwards Criticism Boebert faced backlash and scrutiny from environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter.

Boebert is however not alone in his controversial views and is part of a host of high-profile figures who say climate change is a hoax. One claim is that concerns about climate change and the policies designed to prevent it are part of an agenda to control people and limit their freedom – a favorite rhetoric of some Republican politicians.

Meanwhile, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has said that the Green New Deal and “climate lies” are a “SCAM” that wastes billions of taxpayer dollars and only enriches Klaus Schwab and his ilk, a liberal world order serves to. [World Economic Forum] frat boys.”

This year, the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), conducted by the New Climate Institute, rank The US ranks 52nd in green economy progress, placing the county in the “very low” performance category. Following such reports and urging from experts, climate mandates have increasingly been implemented at the state level, such as a ban on new gas vehicles in California by 2035.