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Kim Petras announces debut album 'Feed the Beast' – Rolling Stone


Kim Petras is ready to eat. The singer shared the tracklist of her debut album, feed the animal on Monday evening with the image of a sharp sword resting against jagged rocks. The new record comes on June 23 after a series of starts and stops over the years.

Ahead of the release date announcement earlier this month, the singer posted a cryptic medieval mood board. The photo set included a grayscale image of a knight’s helmet, metal shield, and three different swords. “The story begins on 23rd June,” she wrote.

The story started about a couple of times ago. Petras was rumored to title his first film. Problem, but that particular project was scrapped last summer after enduring a series of leaks. “I know for the fans, it was hard to watch an entire album go away – for me too,” she said. Board In 2022. “That original album got me through the pandemic. But I also realized in that process that I was doing what I always do; I was writing escapist pop songs about getting away from everything. It was once again, ‘The world is ending, let’s go party.’ I love that, but I’m in a different place now.

feed the animal would mark Petras’ first full-length project with Republic Records. It follows the release of the singer’s latest singles, “Brrr” and “Alone”, featuring Nicki Minaj, and a 7-track EP. squat popwhich was completely co-written and co-produced by Dr. Luke last February.

a few weeks later feed the animal Comes Kesha against Dr. Luke’s defamation lawsuit – which accused him of alleged sexual, physical and emotional abuse – will go to trial. The disgraced producer directed “Alone” but did not work on “Brr.”

Petras previously defended her decision to work with him, stating Board: “Luke is someone that people like and are like, ‘Obviously it’s he who has to write this girl’s music because she can’t be talented and it’s a big name.’ But I’m here because I’m good at writing, and I do my job.

feed the animal Track List:

1. feed the animal2. Lonely (ft. Nicki Minaj)3. King of Hearts 4. Thousand Pieces 5. Uh Oh 6. Revelation 7. Bait (feet bank)8. Sex Talk 9. Hit It Back10. Claws11. Minutes 12. Coconut 13. Castle in the Sky 14. Brrr

15. The Unhappy with Sam Smith