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Jan Kramer's fiancé Alan Russell addresses his past relationships


Jan Kramer is gearing up for her fourth trip down the aisle—and her new fiancé, alan russellReady to be her husband.

“I think you see people who wait years and years to get engaged and get married. And I mean, I have friends who’ve waited years, and then they get engaged and have a years later they split [or] Six months later or so they get married, and they separate after three, four years, and they’ve waited years to do that,” the football coach said on her episode on Friday, May 26. “Whine Down” Podcast. “I have friends who do it within weeks and have been together for over 20 years. I’m not sure there’s a set way to do things. If something feels right in your heart and in your soul, I think you should follow it. And we have a relationship [where] We trust each other and it’s built on respect and for each other. There was no rush to do anything. It felt right.

The couple met in late 2022 via Instagram. Russell said on the podcast that he “didn’t notice” the 39-year-old Kramer when they were first linked.

“I didn’t do a background check,” he quipped. “Once, I saw who she was, I knew [her] Being an actress and in the music industry and she looked like an amazing mom and had some amazing kids.


Jan Kramer and Alan Russell

Courtesy of Jan Kramer / Instagram

one Tree Hill alum shares daughter Jolie, 7, and son Jace, 4, with ex-husband mike cossin, The pair finalized their divorce in 2021 after a marriage in which the former NFL player was accused of cheating multiple times. Kramer was previously married to Michael Gambino in 2004. Johnathan Shaikh got engaged in 2010 Brantley Gilbert in 2013.

Russell said, “Whatever the past, everyone has a past.” “But it’s how they learned and grew and managed those situations. And I don’t judge Jana by anything from the past. As long as they look out for me and the people I love and the people who are my I don’t judge anyone from the past until they are important to us. It shows that we’ve evolved from any kind of decisions or mistakes made in the past. And to me, that’s fascinating, and it’s what many of those That’s one of the things that’s so fascinating about Jana — how she’s had all these ups and downs in the past but she moves forward. She’s a little warrior and she’s charming.

Kramer announced her engagement to Russell — who shares a 16-year-old son and 24-year-old stepdaughter with his ex-wife — on Thursday, May 25.


Jan Kramer and Alan Russell

Courtesy of Jan Kramer / Instagram

“It was a really beautiful night, sitting on the steps of the front porch and looking out,” she said of the proposal at their homebuild in Nashville.

The “Why Ya Wanna” singer, who went public with Russell in January, previously revealed us weekly that he was the one.

“I’m, like, a lover. I love being loved,” she said in April. “It’s not something that I’m like, ‘I have to get married.’ But, you know, I definitely found my person. That’s incredible. He is very safe. I am completely different around him. I’m more calm. And again, I’ve never felt safer in a relationship and it’s just – it’s really nice to feel it.