Sunday, June 23, 2024

Jamal Bowman: Why Are We Negotiating With Economic Terrorists (Republicans)?


Jamal Bowman is not impressed.

On Thursday, as Republicans continued their stall on allowing the government to raise the debt ceiling, Rep. New York reiterated his urge for President Biden not to negotiate with “economic terrorists who are from the Republican Party.”

“I’m very disappointed. I called on the president to invoke the Fourteenth Amendment and strike a coin, and not negotiate with the hostage takers,” Bowman told CNN’s Manu Raju. “I mean, we don’t negotiate with terrorists globally, why are we here negotiating with the economic terrorists of the Republican Party?”

Since then, the White House and Republicans have reportedly closed on a deal that includes a two-year debt ceiling increase in exchange for maintaining the defense budget but cutting other spending, such as $10 billion In IRS funding.

On Bowman’s point, Matt Gaetz candidly acknowledged that the debt ceiling talks have only been about holding the government “mortgage(As if it wasn’t already abundantly clear from the actions of Republicans). And while Republicans may not win every single cut they wanted — like inciting job requirements on Medicaid and food stamps and repeal The cut in IRS funding to the green energy program is still worrying. The extra money Biden has allocated to the agency has already been massive faster Support call times for Americans, and a cut to that size is expected to greatly limit the agency’s ability to audit wealthy tax cheats.

most important is None Most of these cuts would have had to happen if the White House and Democrats had presented a stronger front earlier or even taken care of the debt ceiling before the new Congress sat down in January. Of course, it’s only the Republicans’ fault that they decided to play hardball on something they’ve done twice, impeaching, criminally impeaching and sex-misbehaving former President Donald Trump three times. but the democrats Know This is how Republicans behave. And as Bowman said, it didn’t have to be this way.