Monday, May 20, 2024

Jake Drummond: The man who killed girlfriend's young son in campaign of 'sadistic abuse' has been jailed


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A man who murdered his girlfriend’s young son after a campaign of “sadistic abuse” has been jailed for 32 years.

Drug addict Jake Drummond, 33, fatally sobbed and punched 15-month-old Jacob Lennon in the early hours of 27 August 2019, leaving his face like a “panda”. old Bailey heard.

A few weeks ago, Jacob had more bruises on his face, Body Jurors were told the boy’s mother, Louise Lennon, 32, had failed to stop him.

A pathologist identified an “excessive pinching” or “biting” on Jacob’s penis and a “gapping” 3 cm long cut from the wound in his testicle.

Lennon was sentenced to 10 years in prison for allowing his lover to kill their child.

In a televised sentencing at the Old Bailey on Friday afternoon, the senior judge said Drummond was “emotionally unstable”, made worse by his drug use.

She rejected Lennon’s claim that she was coercively controlled by her lover, saying that she had prioritized their relationship over the welfare of her son.

The judge said that Lennon’s photographs of Jacob’s injuries were “truly shocking” and that a friend of his had described his head as looking like a “basketball”.

Mr Sweeting dismissed the couple’s claims that Jacobs had fallen out of his cot, saying it was “clearly a lie”.

Jacob’s genital injuries were called “sadistic” and Drummond’s wound was the subject of an allegation.

Pathologists dismissed claims that the cut could have been caused by the Toy Story theme “Mr. Potato Head” plastic knife.

Jacobs is taken out of bed and shaken and hit so hard that he is knocked unconscious.

Five days before the murder, Drummond, a former caretaker, had sent Lennon a sinister message saying he was putting Jacobs in a “torture chamber” in reference to his bedroom, jurors heard.

It followed a meme with a quote from Hollywood actor Ben Stiller in the movie Happy Gilmore: “You gotta sleep now or I’ll put you to sleep.”

In another message, Lennon referred to Jacobs looking like “a little crazy” because of his wounds.

The pair had denied wrongdoing and blamed each other for Jacob’s horrific injuries.

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