Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Introducing the TIME CO2 Earth Awards: 2023


TeaIME’s mission is to tell the stories of the world’s most influential people and recognize their contribution to life on this planet. And perhaps there is no greater impact today than acting to tackle the climate crisis, an imperative that has long animated Time’s coverage of the problem. Last year TIME created TIME CO2, a platform for climate action, and now, in partnership with it, is launching the Earth Awards to recognize the figures leading the most important action.

Our First Earth Awards honor the values ​​we see as pillars of a more sustainable future. mark ruffalo And Gloria Walton Working together in the Solutions Project for a decade, fighting for the belief that clean energy advances racial equality. Lisa P Jackson joined the Environmental Protection Agency in 1987; After rising through the ranks to become the agency’s administrator in 2009, he left in 2013 to become Apple’s environment director, overseeing how the world’s most valuable company is addressing the ongoing climate crisis. Vanessa Nakate, only 26 years old, is already one of the world’s most influential voices calling for a comprehensive overhauling of the global economy, arguing for a green transition that will reduce global inequalities exacerbated by the fossil-fuel century Improves. and for six years Antonio Guterres Has used his platform as Secretary-General of the United Nations to make climate a first-line item on the global agenda for change.

We face a planetary-scale problem. These five honors show that individuals can make a difference. Here’s what he had to say.

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